Will the safe network support the idea of custom tokens?

This might be a really dumb question but will we be able to do custom tokens on the safe network with the same transaction efficiency as safe coins themselves should be able to have? I know safe is NOT a blockchain like tech so we won’t get the history of the transactions but will custom tokens/coins be possible?

How will/can the total number of safecoins in circulation be known? Can we query the network for info like that? Can we query the network for unique assets and know that they exist and what “address” “owns” them?

If you need clarification about my questions please ask me to explain further. I’m have a feeling I’m not communicating them the best…

Just saw this Custom digital tokens

It’s an interesting question. I see lots of uses for coloured coins etc, so I hope similar functionality will be possible on the safe network, but with the speed, capacity & security benefits of Safe.

This thread may also be interesting, as its about creating a public ledger on Safe, which I guess could be used for custom tokens: Public Ledgers and Proof of Transparency on SAFE

I don’t think there will be any way of querying the network to find out how many SafeCoin exist, or which ‘addresses’ own them, but someone with more detailed knowledge can expand upon why that’s the case, or correct me if I’m wrong.

If a distributed ledger is developed on top of Safe, then it’ll be visible how many of those tokens exist & where they reside, like with a blockchain.

What a coincidence, I was brainstorming a solution at the same time.

Check out this thread.

If the custom token is create via SAFEX then a public ledger can be also PUT showing the SD addresses. So If 100 tokens were created, there would be 100 SD addresses listed when doing a look up for that particular token.

This is just an idea but I think it has potential.


It might be worth listening to these, to get a better understanding about data types:

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