Will the Safe Network structured data key/value store have similar functionality to Firebase?

Firebase is a NoSql DBMS which is based on a Hash Table Key/Value store.

Will the Safe Network structured data DHT key/value store have similar functionality to Firebase?

Can we use JSON?


… Link?

What functionality are you refering to? You already seem to know about Structured Data types and the DHT, so I’m not sure what you do not know.

I do know that you won’t be able to GET a set of SD’s by specifying a range, at least not on the network level. The address of a Structured Data object has to be explicitly specified (or at least it’s components from which the address is derived).

My guess is that more complex features of NoSQL databases will not be implemented at the network level and so this work will be done in the client. For now, that means projects like SAFEpress and @Seneca’s Decorum may provide reusable code with some of these kinds of features, but not libraries for a while yet. That is one of the ambitions of SAFEpress, but first we have to figure these things out and build something useful!

I’ve not had a clear answer to this from David, so who knows what he has up his sleeve. (I think really though, he doesn’t like to say too much because he likes to encourage us to think - at least that’s what I like to imagine :smile:)

So if you’re thinking of using stuff that expects Firebase or other complex NoSQL API support, I would plan to have to write your own versions of those kind of features or do without them.