Will the Safe Network render Tor, IPFS, and Bitcoin obsolete?

I’ve known about this project for years but never delved into it very deeply. From an outside perspective as a layman, it seems to me like Safe Network will have the properties of all those networks mentioned in the title and have them in one integrated package. If it works and becomes successful, will it out compete those other networks or are they irreplaceable? There’s the old saying from the Unix community which says, “Do one thing and do it well.” Does that logic apply here?

I have another question. Will it inherit the problems of those 3 networks?

  • With Tor, your browsing activity can be revealed if your exit node isn’t honest.

  • With IPFS, dynamic content is impossible to implement, although I’ve read that IPNS can help address this issue.

  • With Bitcoin, it has a scalability problem, but it might be solved with a 2nd layer solution like Lightning. However, this may not apply to the Safe Network since it uses a DHT and not a blockchain. That said, would there be scalability and security issues with a DHT?

Thanks for your responses.


Hi @rtevans

I think do one thing do it well can be the case but I would say that this network is doing many things and doing them well. So it’s more of a case of do one thing do it quickly and do many things do it slowly. That’s why it’s taken so long to get here

Its been a long road to this point but the end is now in sight and the network is proven and de risked.

You are completely anonymous so absolutely no activity will be revealed. Complete Privacy

I think yes to dynamic but others will better comment on that.

I’m pritty sure the network will be more secure and faster the bigger it gets .

Hopefully someone with a deeper technical understanding will follow up to fill you in with more detail


As far as I know, Safe Network is not planned to be used as clearnet proxy.
So no need to compare it with usage of Tor exit nodes.
Better analogy is Tor hidden services.

Also if you use TLS (HTTPS), then exit node have very little information about you: time, destination IP and amount of transmitted data.


SafeNetwork solves same problems as Tor. IPFS and Bitcoin, but using different tools and principles. It won’t inherit problems of these services, it will have its own different problems :smiley:

As I see it, SafeNetwork could in the future replace Tor and IPFS. With Bitcoin I would say it will work in paralel, something like when new talented band appears, people start listening to them but don’t completely stop listening to the older ones.


yep, 100%

Also, SN will have a lot more nodes than Tor. So security (obfuscation) should be better IMO.

I wonder about how anonymous and permanent IPFS is … I suspect data can be tracked to IP addresses (even if it is duplicated), if so, then it could be forced down by governments. Also unclear if data can be private on IPFS - perhaps if you do your own encryption only.

Bitcoin scalability isn’t a huge problem I think. As a store of value it’s largely not relevant and as a currency many layer two solutions (all private except lightning) are coming into the picture (e.g. paypal). SN though does scale with network size, and no fees, so it should technically be superior … still better doesn’t mean more popular.

SN will allow secure anonymous exchanges though - better than Tor hidden services or I2P eepsites IMO; and having it’s own built-in “token” will be a big advantage over other privacy networks.

IMO, long run, SN will dominate, but short run Bitcoin will maintain it’s seat as king of the hill.


Bitcoin may be obsolete but we are stuck with it. It was never about innovation just about what states collectively wanted to patch their fiat system. What ever MaidSafe came up with that is better may surely be applied to the state’s special drawing rights closed but universal behind the scenes currency but they will neither advertise that nor ever pay a cent for the use of the tech. Other crypto that is not bitcoin will be made illegal after forced conversion period.

None whatsoever and excludes even some other problems as well.