Will the Launcher provide a crypto API?

The SAFE app (website) I’m currently working on uses SHA-512 and AES-256 and might use SHA-256 as well. I’m currently using JavaScript libraries for them, but I’d much rather be able to let the Launcher encrypt/decrypt and hash the data in question through an API call. Will this be supported?


The self-encryption part of the network will be an automatic process of uploading data through the API. Is that what you mean?

No, it’s not. I need them for my own application-specific algorithms. For example, I need AES-256 (or another symmetric encryption algorithm, but I know SAFE already uses this one) to encrypt the data field of a StructuredData object with the address of another StructuredData object (they are mathematically linked).

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Got it. In that case, I haven’t heard of any included crypto API but it might be worth raising as an rfc.

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Maybe you can use the JavaScript version of NaCl library to follow the same algorithms that Safe.