Will safe network be adopted by tor /i2p users?

ive read the article below just now:


it seems darkweb marketplaces get raided quite regularly, perhaps the communities are desperately looking for a new platform to build their business on etc. how will emergence of such sites be taken by the community? is it inevitable that it will happen regardless?

If I read your question correctly then it might be best to move the discussion over to the topic already created for such discussions. And you might find some answers there. The question of “illegal” content has been hotly debated in the past in a number of topics with people on both sides of the divide and attracted some crusaders to the forum too. (Thats why we only left one open to keep the discussions together)


Basically the answer lies in the fact that the good of the network will outweigh any bad uses of the network. Just like the internet today. Just like the telephone system. Just like the roads. Just like the air, rain, food, etc. Both the good and the bad use these services considered basic rights for humans.