Will Safe.Net save us from AI?

Elon Musk and others have warned us about the dangers of AI. Now without the abiltiy to reason through whatever consciousness is, AI has little chance of becoming anything like a human. But there is still danger in AI’s utility function.

A highly capable decision maker through an AI utility function— especially one connected through the Internet to all the world’s information and billions of screens and most of our infrastructure — can have an irreversible impact on humanity. Is this danger even possible through the Safe.net? Does Safe.net already have a solution to this futuristic fear? What do you think?

You mean that the AI + Safe.net will be something like Skynet of the Terminator movies?
If Safe.net will become what we hope it will, then the AI doesn’t have to be that smart to make the right network choice, I think :wink:


Also as been discussed when this question crops up is that the AI will have NO access to private information. So in fact SAFE will slow down any AI trying to assimilating the information it needs to control everything, especially essential services.

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I think the biggest threat is someone creating a powerful intelligence and using it for corrupt human purposes, against others.

So with SAFE, and the uncensored sharing of tech and code, hopefully everyone can share the tech and it spreads democratically and equally, instead of one small group taking over everyone.

That’s how I see SAFE helping this.

That’s also why Musk started OpenAI I think

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