Will public id be persistent at the mvp launch

will public id be persistent at the mvp launch. are will thay be wiped at some future point

All way to beta they will be removed, periodically


I haven’t come across the mechanism that you plan on implementing to purge data between updates (including MPID, etc) and specifically wanted to know how that ability would be voided when upgrading to v1.0. Is there a way that you are going to irreversably disable the purge functionality? I think you know as well as I do that no one person should have that kind of power over the network.

The power to destroy a thing is the absolute control over it.
Dune - Frank Herbert

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We basically create a new network and ask folk to upgrade to this. It means scrubbing your cached nodes. So our upgrades will initially overwrite config files to start again. IF folk keep nodes running they will be on an earlier network, which is fine, but we will switch over to the new one to test.

Just like initial blockchain work really. Once up proper we cannot take it down, not even in these early tests. We need co-operation of folks to switch to new network.


That’s good news, for everyone; I had the same concern as @smacz

If you can’t take it down forcibly then that frees you from legal compulsion to do so.