Will Maidsafe launch within the next 3 years?

IIRC that was a nomination that made it into the newsletter. It was a while ago though


Aye, Eight year ago :rofl


Testing my script throws several problems but wallet overflow is not one of them

willie@gagarin:~/projects/maidsafe/DBC-testing$ safe wallet deposit --json --dbc ~/.safe/accounts/dbc safe://hyryynyug1xocxof638eun5e3wzknccrg83fjixfay7s53z75wf35ogjsnwb6o
willie@gagarin:~/projects/maidsafe/DBC-testing$ safe wallet balance safe://hyryynyug1xocxof638eun5e3wzknccrg83fjixfay7s53z75wf35ogjsnwb6o
Wallet at "safe://hyryynyug1xocxof638eun5e3wzknccrg83fjixfay7s53z75wf35ogjsnwb6o" has a total balance of 42.000000000 safecoins
willie@gagarin:~/projects/maidsafe/DBC-testing$ safe wallet balance $STASH
Wallet at "safe://hyryynyi4554dkchbnsd8acq95zrrssc968za8gzna9fbtohem7xx1yx73hb6o" has a total balance of 4525522650.000000000 safecoins

The STASH balance and the receiving wallet show expected value
Can anyone see the mistake I am making?

loop code

for files in $ACCTS/*
  nrs_acct=$( head -n 1 $files)
  pubk=$( tail -n 2 $files | head -n1)
  wurl=$( tail -n 1 $files)
  echo $nrs_acct
  echo $pubk
  echo $wurl

  safe wallet reissue --json --from $STASH 42 > ./dbc
  echo "----------------------------------------------------"
  safe wallet deposit --json --dbc ./dbc $wurl 
  echo "----------------------------------------------------"
  # rm  ./dbc
  safe wallet balance $STASH
  safe wallet balance $wurl


output for one pass

   0: UrlError: InvalidXorUrl: Problem parsing the URL ""safe://hyryynyug1xocxof638eun5e3wzknccrg83fjixfay7s53z75wf35ogjsnwb6o"": relative URL without a base
   1: InvalidXorUrl: Problem parsing the URL ""safe://hyryynyug1xocxof638eun5e3wzknccrg83fjixfay7s53z75wf35ogjsnwb6o"": relative URL without a base


Backtrace omitted. Run with RUST_BACKTRACE=1 environment variable to display it.
Run with RUST_BACKTRACE=full to include source snippets.

Couldn’t be something as simple as ending up with too many double quotes could it?

Oh more than likely…

I effing HATE these double quotes in a way that is quite irrational.

OK lets get back to how long to launch topic and leave the discussions over “commies”, commies, etc to the topics in Off-Topic

Also people of all experiences, eduction, views are welcome to talk. But please be honest to oneself and us and not troll.

Let the discussions on how the project will or will not launch in whatever timeframe and what delays/faults people see continue.


In case it was not clear, I was no longer a MaidSafe employee when I recommended to report the issue. Just a community member like anyone else. If I were still actively working on DBCs I would have jumped on the issue for sure.

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Sorry @danda I thought you were still a full-time dev.
I think the point is moot now, I have not seen any further occurences. But how many times are we collectively doing safe wallet balance these days?
Maybe we need a bigger sample to say this problem is gone?

The issue was not the wallet it seems. It was the app itself, @bochaco and myself were speaking earlier and he was explaining it all. We have Roland checking the core code with protests etc. but it’s pretty well tested already. Just belt and braces really to make sure.