Will maidsafe deliver

Hi, Just want to ask the most involved devs and ofc . @dirvine how confident are you that the goals will br reached and the safe net will go live- 100%,80%50%? Thanks!

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Can please not do that (bother the core devs with questions that have been asked like a thousand times)? Let the devs just do their work instead of talking to each one of us if they will deliver. What they do is not easy and people constantly asking about it, just doesn’t help. If you want to help, help with coding or pay someone to help the devs code up the SAFE Network.

Can you please remove his name? This is distraction. You can play on the SAFE Network right now, but all the pieces still need to be put together.

This is not an attack, but it helps little to talk to people who code, let them code and talk to people who want to talk.



This has been addressed a few times and David is extremely confident. As you read the updates you see nothing but confidence that the project will be completed.


As long as they’re working on it, there is no reason not to be positive, as positivity is the only approach that makes sense in this case.

If – for whatever reason – it doesn’t turn out to be what we all hoped for, then it doesn’t. But as long as they work their butts off, I remain hopeful and positive.

EDIT: And I doubt any of them, David included, would be wasting years of life on something they don’t believe in fully.


They have said time and time again recently that they have confidence in being able to deliver a product, how good it will work in “prod” and what time-frame is still up for grabs :slight_smile: .