Will Maidsafe be in Debian repositories?

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@chriso (and others): You might have noticed that I talk about the Debian Rust team as something beside me, and indeed I a not part of that team in Debian despite my working on packaging Rust libraries now. Reason is that I disagree with how to maintain packages.

Today I was made aware of a blog post from a fellow Debian developer which shines some light on how the Rust team packages Rust crates, from the point of view of someone with a differing opinion. Regardless of your own opinion on which approach is “better”, that blog post may help gain knowledge on some of the peculiarities of Debian packaging that I (highly likely) have failed to communicate: https://diziet.dreamwidth.org/10559.html


I think you may have pasted the wrong link!

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Indeed - corrected now. Thanks!


xor_name has now been accepted into Debian, and is (or will be, in a few hours) available for install as part of the unstable branch of Debian. If no severe bugs is discovered it will trickle into the testing branch in a week, and then into next stable Debian when released next year.

Developer information about the package is at rust-xor-name - Debian Package Tracker and user-oriented information is (in few hours) at Debian -- Package Search Results -- rust-xor-name


As mentioned yesterday, now it is in - and today some of the the autotesting has caught up which might be helpful in understanding that machinery:

At rust-xor-name - Debian Package Tracker in the middle section “testing migration” is now notices that autopkgtest has succeeded for some archs and is ongoing for others, and that piuparts has succeeded as well - with links to each in case you wanna learn more about those. Also, in the right section “links” is an entry “logs” tracking automatic package building for both officially supported architectures and unsupported ones (although it seems none of the unsupported ones support Rust, so irrelevant for this package specifically).

[ update, few days later - because this shitty chat system won’t let me have a monologue here… ]

xor_name has now been accepted into the testing branch of Debian.
NB! The name testing describes the Debian system as a whole, not the individual package: Packages known unstable should be uploaded to the special experimental branch.

The development tracker currently shows no ongoing tests in the middle section (only a minor issue is noted which didn’t affect progress), and in a few hours the left section “versions” should be updated to reflect that the package is available not only in the unstable branch but also testing.

If severe issues are spotted, they should be corrected in a new release to unstable. Failure to do that will cause the package to get kicked from testing. Same might happen for packages in stable as well, but we try very hard to not kick packages from stable since that is used by millions of users in production.

Please someone say something here - anything, really.
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Any updates from you @jonas?

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Thanks, @Josh

(I had written a more elaborate status but when learning my posting right was blocked I dropped that…)

Yes, I have posted an update at https://bugs.debian.org/1008016

I also tag each draft release, and mention progress on reducing embedded crates in changelog.


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My main client for the past 5 years - and my only source of income for the past 2 years - have cancelled our contract.

This might affect my work on packaging Safenet - time will tell how…
Maybe I will need to spend time on stuff less aligned with my work here, and have less spare time and energy to work on this.
Or maybe (especially if I choose to ignore reality and just continue work without pay until I crash hard - which I shouldn’t do) I will have more time for this.

I suspect this is not the best place, but cannot hurt to try: If anyone happens to know of someone in need of a Debian packaging expert (20+ years of experience, official maintainer of 600 packages - 1% of Debian) then please shout.


Sorry to hear this @jonas, and just as you were making progress!

Your work would seem worth of support in some way, perhaps the @BambooGarden fund? I’m not sure if it fits the criteria set out so far but it’s worth finding out if an application would be likely considered and what it should look like.


That sounds interesting - do you have a URI for that fund?

[update weeks later, due to annoying posting constraints]

Aaaand now I sent off an application - crossing fingers…

Thanks again, @happybeing


Thanks! I will try explore that :slight_smile:


There has been no new draft release of the Debian package safe-network for more than a week now. That’s not (strongly, at least) related to my financial situation, but instead tied to dependency problems deeper in the dependency chain of Rust crate packaging in Debian - most notably right now is a seemingly sloppy release of rust-bytecount rendering that package impossible to install, and consequently all reverse dependencies of that crate package impossible to install as well: https://bugs.debian.org/1012338


For those not directly tracking the Debian bugreport I can share here that packaging is again succesful and progressing: Now down to embedding 159 crates.

I also begun fumbling with actually running the sn_node daemon and spotted a few bgs in the setup of the account (yes, the Debian package not only provides the code but integrates with systemd).

Slooow progress, but at least it is moving in the right direction :slight_smile:


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