Will IT industries , companies, OS , browsers build around SAFEnetwork?

They absolutely will!

Here is an example of a company reaching out and requesting OS and browser coders start incorporating and coding for their service.

CloudFlare is making great use of the privacy issues we now face. When the time comes, and soon, SAFEnetwork will be in stories such as this…

The creators of web browsers, operating systems and devices need to build in support the new system


They literally just need to give companies a way to POST and GET as a secure decentralized vault. Give us some library dependencies that make it sub 20-30 lines of code and that alone will drive massive adoption to use the network as a secure “secrets”/“data” vault. One of the simplest but valuable features of this network. One of my first intended use cases and pitches to companies will be this.


This is what LDP provides, so we have this in the browser already:

It is trivial to create directories of files using LDP and other similar web protocols can easily be added to that library (so FTP, WebDav etc).


LDP = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linked_Data_Platform

(for those like me who didn’t know :slight_smile: )


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