Will it be possible to send and recieve emails on the save network

hi i was looking for some decentralized email service but most of them or all of them are still under construction like cryptamail, proemtheus, lemon mail this why i am here. I do not have access to the network but don’t want to spend to much time reading up in forums.

  1. will it be possible to send and recieve emails on the save network
  2. iif yes s this already implemented or still under developement
  3. will it be compatible with normal email service .org, .net , .com
    thanks for answers

Yes this is already possible, there is a demo app

To my knowledge this is not possible and honestly it shouldn’t be, because these are centralized services.



good point, but this seems a problem because 99% of my friends never will use the save network for communication not because they dont want but because google mail etc is less than a challenge to use than save network

there will surely be gateways that will be forwarded to and from gmail emails…


Almost every email service on clearnet is going to be read by ai, LOL gmail even suggests your message now (predicts what you think), if 99% of your friends care about their privacy, they’ll use the SAFE Network. If not, 10 years from now they’ll find out that they never had privacy or control of their email. SAFE devs have every incentive to make SAFE apps run as smooth as possible (even you can have a mail app created, we’re in the big bang moment).



sad thing not one of my friend cares about his privacy even they know they being tracked 24/7 spied, listen , intercepted, analyzed,


@texxgoro, please ask these questions in one place only. The reason being is that you tend to split the answers to your queries into multiple streams and makes it difficult for you to track all the responses. You can edit your posts or delete them if you ask in a post then decide to make a topic.

see my answer here where you asked the same thing in another topic


Gateway services could exist, but I am not sure it would be worth it.

Perhaps a simpler way would be for mail servers to have a SAFENetwork back end for mailbox files. This way, multiple mail server heads could read/write to the same mailbox, using a common storage. This could be achieved through a simple drive mount.

You could have more complex solutions where a mail server is aware of your personal (read: stored to your own personal SAFENetwork account) mailbox directly and watches the outbox for new mails to relay. You could have the reverse as some sort of shared appendage data for incoming mail too. The incoming mail could also be sent internally to SAFENetwork.

Just spit balling really. Tbh though, email is used less and less and people have adopted new IM apps with little resistance (telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook chat, Skype, etc). Considering that any relay exposes the same issues as the current email system, I’m not sure it buys us much either.

Remember, you can run your own personal mail server right now if you want to. Just point your DNS MX records to your static IP with mail server on it and you are good to go. The main issue is with spam, the lack of static IPs and the fact that most people don’t want the hassle. It is fairly distributed as is though, even if it is too open to abuse.


please ask these questions in one place only., yes np

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@Traktion I agree it’s quite possible something could be set up but the bigger question is will it be used. Remember the medical system still uses faxes instead of high level encryption because faxing is perceived as more secure and I suppose they see it as too much work to get their whole system up to spec on how to use decent encryption. I guess it’s too much work to learn how to use a Thunderbird Enigmail addon or something. Likewise the technology might exist to create a secure path from clearnet to SAFE, it might even be simple to use. The question is will people adopt it? So many people don’t even know Linux exists even today.

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This is the beauty of linux. People are using it every day and they do not know about it. Android was created from linux, it has linux kernel. People are using servers, and they do not know they run on linux. People do not need to know some technology but they can still use it everyday. Same will be with SafeNetwork. Devs will create apps, new layers and people will use those apps without knowing they are backed by SafeNetwork.


Bang on the target there! This is exactly what should happen and I hope that there will be enough great apps that stay decentralised/non tracking and evangelists will push for these to become defacto apps for messages/publishing/collaborating etc. It is essential we make the very best API to allow that Then the push for SOLID integration/API can only then be a great thing to allow all the functions we want (search/data harvesting etc.) and would miss on SAFE to be done properly and technically better than today. It will hopefully make the internet safe and the people free and secure to be honest, open and share innovation and education at will and without thought of being controlled.


just by telling them that they can have a vault and make money with just time that it is available they will like it and use it people work bad jobs, they want something extra!

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