Will it be possible to code a wallet address in your website on the SAFE network too?


By coding your safe wallet ID into your application(s), the network will automatically pay safecoins to you based on how much the application is utilised by end users. (from maidsafe.net)

Is it possible to implement this on future websites ?


From the tech view, it is possible, and not so difficult to have a such “builder reward” mechanism based on “mine from get” model.
However, there is concerns that such mechanism might be abused easily.
There are debates regarding how such abuse can be handled, and evaluations whether such mechanism bring more benefits to the network or more damages.

btw. it won’t be the wallet address, or even any other address, that need to be coded into a builder’s website/application to get self rewarded from popular visits.


Is this abuse danger any higher for web apps vs. regular apps? I would suspect them to have the same level of abuse possibility.

Could you explain what you mean by this a little more?



Yes, they have the same level of abuse possibility.

For Safecoin, there won’t be so called wallet address, it will be just your account name.
However, ergarding the reward mechanism, there no need to be any account name to be embedded.
Based on the finall solution, anything that diverting traffic to your mining agency which boost your winning chance,
can be used.
For example, it mining from get and the datamap of your website boost your hits directly, you already get rewarded and no need to embedded any “address or account”