Will I need a static IP to host a vault?

I’m thinking of setting up and running a 24 hour headless Raspberry PI to host various crypto nodes. I plan to connect it to a large hard drive in order to prepare for the launch of Safe Network vaults.

Do I need to get myself a static IP address in order to run a vault? I want to get these things organised in advance so I can hit the ground running.



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this is what im planning to do! I have one question to add, are you allowed one vault per account? or is it one vault per device? How does that work?

Thanks in advance!

I think it’s [quote=“boblet, post:3, topic:12245”]
one vault per device?
or maybe even connection, sorry I can say, but you’ ll find out soon when we have vaults running from home

For the testnets/alphas there may be some restrictions.

But for the final release the plan is as many vaults as your hardware/communications can satisfactorily handle.

If you have too many vaults then some if not all may end up being badly performing vaults and be rejected. The idea will be to have as many vaults as your hardware/communications can run without being slow or unreliable.

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The problem is how to detect bad performing vaults? The resource proof test currently being implemented would succeed as you join one-by-one but then once you are part of network all your nodes might receive simultaneous requests and then your bandwidth fails. So it needs some additional continuous monitoring of vault performance.

When the last home vault test occurred the trace on the terminal indicated the #GETs etc.

So anyone looking to max out the number of vaults should have the knowhow to read the terminal traces and see how many failed GETs their vaults performed.

And didn’t someone have a program that provided a readout that would be easy for most to read/understand.

So Yes monitoring is needed. But I am sure that there will be facilities to be able to monitor multiple vaults on one convenient display/screen

can you add on a normal 4tb hdd to a raspberry pi? Sorry im a bit new to these

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Yeah you can. I think the thing you need to look for is where the drive draws its power from. The Pi does not produce much power via its USB hubs, so you will probably need to use a drive that draws its power from a plug socket.