Will I be able to interact with websites hosted on SAFE using mainstream browsers?

Or will people need to download a specific browser?

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Hello and welcome @7up !

There is a specific browser. It’s called the SAFE browser. To get more insight into the SAFE network, see here: https://primer.safenetwork.org/


The SAFE-network have a own secure protocol, safe://, to connect with the network nodes. A browser like Chrome or Firefox won’t know what to do with safe://. Similar to Tor that uses a Tor browser. But Safe have a own browser that is not dependent on Firfox as Tor is, to prevent DNS-leaks by not allowing access to the regular http:// protocol.

As @dimitar wrote, look at the link to the Safe primer for more info.


To add, that doesn’t mean a third party cannot create a browser plugin for chrome, Firefox, etc. The priority is simply to get as secure an experience possible as a baseline. Where it goes after that will be up to the wider community of developers.


Yes they have to download a new browser. But nothing prevents you or any other guy to create a proxy where anybody can browse safenetwork from any browser. I am sure this service will be created by someone very soon after the network is released. The only problem is, it is centralized crap, which you can’t trust. But hey, what can be done will be done, doesn’t matter if we like it or not. Btw, custom browser download is required to make your ass safe. Any other way is just a trap how to trick you to think you are safe where you are not.