Will doxxing be worse on SAFENet?

This might be a very basic question. I know that with the fundamental design to protect a user’s data, personal info won’t be leaked or stolen on SAFENet the way it is on the Clearnet. I’m wondering, though, if personal info such as home address, phone number, etc. is learned in some other way (i.e. revealed in person or discovered in meatspace) and someone decides to doxx a person, wouldn’t it be more damaging on SAFENet, since that uploaded data can never be traced or taken down? So someone who knows me could publish my address permanently online.

EDIT: I’m not posing this scenario as a “gotcha” to prove SAFENet is worse. Obviously it will have a net increase for security. Just wanted thoughts on how the consequences/protections against certain types of trolling would change.


This has come up before a while ago.

One point made was that like most things on the net, the more you try to remove it the more it seems to spread. Often its best to ignore it and let it sink in obscurity. The (current) internet already “does not forget” so the problem exists now with sites like the way back machine

Another point is that most people will use some sort of search engine to find things, so maybe something could be included in the (search engine) protocol to cause things like that to be down played or removed from results when flagged.

But yes it is an issue and an issue that has plagued humanity to some degree since the printing press. Newspapers and books are similar in that they are permanent (as much as paper/micro-film can be). Of course now those newspapers/books/magazines are now archived on the internet now.