Will disclose further details later

Doing a project that’ll fork SAFEnetwork for its first component. It’ll be a self-governed and self-marketed network built on top of a server-less Internet that pays its users.

If anyone is interested to help early stage please get in tocuh with private messages. Will announce once it is ready for fundraising.


best of luck with your new project @foreverjoyful.


I have to say, I admire your drive, regardless of if I think it’s a good idea or not. A couple critiques. First, you should get a proofreader/editor for your formal papers. I saw several grammatical errors in your paper. Second, I would suggest using US English instead of UK English. Since most of the investor class of the English speaking world is in the US, it only makes sense. Fifty percent of all new investment and venture capital across the world comes from the US.


Thank you guys! BTW, re USA English. I honestly don’t know what the difference is. And yes I need to proof read it for sure!

Mostly it is just minor spelling differences, but it looks strange to US readers. Some that are unaware of language differences between UK/US English may see your paper as unpolished if they think you have spelling mistakes. I would say most UK speakers are more aware of the US spellings than vice versa, since US media is a lot more prevalent in the UK/Australia than theirs are here.

An example of some of these differences are substituting ‘s’ for ‘z’. US English will almost always use ‘z’ for that ‘zay’ sound. UK English will often use ‘s’. An example of this in your document you have ‘centralisation’ where in the US it would be ‘centralization’. Another difference is using a ‘u’ often in combination with an ‘o’ for an ‘urr’ or ‘or’ sound. UK English will add this ‘u’, while US English omits it. For example, ‘colour’ vs ‘color’.

In any case, I would suggest “translating” the document to US English if at all possible. You can probably hire a US based proofreader/editor on Fiverr or some similar platform for a negligible amount of money to go over the few documents you are likely to create.

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Actually since US english came from UK english then UK english is not adding or substituting anything. Its the US english that is modifying the english.

@foreverjoyful is using Australian English and it only has minor changes to English, whereas US English has more changes.

Also a lot of money is coming from Asia, most likely a lot more then the US for the crypto ICO market. In the last year US investors in ICOs have become wary because of the investigations and the rumours of it being illegal for US citizens. Expect a lot of money from Asia and China in particular.

US English is only used by Asia for the US market, and China (HK) uses UK version english, and uses US english for the US market. US English is losing its de facto standard status.

Maybe @foreverjoyful can make a note that his papers are written in Australian or UK English so that the reader is aware of that fact. Problem solved.

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It depends on your viewpoint, actually. US English is actually considered to be closer to English as it was originally intended, particularly in the way it is spoken. The “standard” US accent is the closest to properly pronunciated English as exists today. That’s the English you hear from actors coming out of the US, also spoken in most of the Midwest, and most of Western US outside of the ‘Valley’ accent. When an English actor, someone like Martin Freeman or Benedict Cumberbatch, speaks in “American” English, that is the most basic form of the English language. Since the US standardized the English written language to closer match proper pronunciation of the language, one could argue UK written English is, in fact, modifying English.

I agree that the Cantonese speaking Chinese (mostly focused around HK as you suggested) are certainly more accustomed to UK English. I would disagree that the rest of the world does not see US English as the “de facto standard”. US culture is far more prevalent worldwide then the UK due to movies and TV shows being exported heavily to just about every industrialized country in the world. Even if a location is more accustomed to UK English (HK, India, etc.), they can almost certainly recognize US English. I’m not so sure the opposite is true.

In the end, you are right, just putting a quick note could solve the issue. I personally just see it easier to “translate” it to US English to begin with, but it is up to @foreverjoyful whether it is worth the trouble.

Hey guys! Have edited the presentation a bit, please give me some feedback!


I think you will not get much agreement outside of North America on that one. Anyhow seeing as English is spoken by the English then its hard to argue isn’t it.

Yes you can take the argument that languages evolve and claim that one variant is closer to the original. But the original is no longer spoken anyhow. But to non North America people US english even that in the movies is seen as a variant of English.

Yes the Note is best. There is absolutely no reason for @foreverjoyful to change his language for a particular country that isn’t the majority of the target listeners/readers who will cough up the most money.

So uh, how it’s been going?

Check the overview. I’ve been working on that. Nonprofit foundation is set up now. Will be working on website soon. It needs core team members at the moment.

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While @foreverjoyful has been received here as somewhat of a nuisance due to his less than elegant approach to community integration, he has displayed a strong enthusiasm for a decentralized web. Many of us are drowning in the responsibilities of our personal lives and have little patience and energy left to tame a seemingly frantic mind such as his. We for that reason rush to push him away. For that I am personally sorry.

In him I see a great resource of vitality that can be leveraged for the sake of greater exposure. We’ve come to the point of near tangible proof of concept others can play with. Alpha 3 is right around the corner. The iron is hot and I believe @foreverjoyful can start banging away. He has shown himself to be capable of creating informative videos on youtube. His presentation style is similar to that of of videos that have received many views for other projects in this space. I see no reason that we shouldn’t provide him both our help and blessing in doing more to this effect.

With this said I call upon those of us that can act as consultants for his upcoming videos about everything SAFE. We together can help him define an outline and presentation structure. Determining the order in which the information is disseminated for maximum comprehensiveness. The level of creativity here is bubbling. If we can focus it and apply it to Forevers work, we could indeed position SAFE for the lime light. Who’s in?

Now let’s talk about video one. @foreverjoyful Take it from here.


I do appreciate you making the post but I’m fully focused on my project now. If you’re interested to help the project in any way it is detailed below. Feel free to check it out.

Full Overview:(sets the foundations for the Whitepaper and tokenomics):


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These changes are somewhat superficial. Even if they catch on a trusted network like SAFE could retrofit the differences as long as it does not compromise the fundamentals like security and code simplicity. Not being an advanced software engineer yourself would mean that your project hinges on the expertise of others that might not have your best interest or vision in mind. You’d have to rely on them to translate the codes functionality to you and hope they provide you the full truth. Code auditing is in addition very expensive. Learning code engineering is not an overnight affair so please don’t respond with that. You’re being unrealistic I assure you. This is unfortunately the plight of youth. Don’t let my words further motivate you by feeling that I will be one of those that told you it couldn’t happen. I’m sure under the right conditions it can. You are relaying on too many things to go just right for your vision to work though.

It’s fine that you want to use most of your time to focus on your fork but what does that time consist of? In the months of time that you have been discussing this fork, what has come of it? Does what you’ve produced so far truly account for all of your work related time?

Why would anyone care about your network and not know nothing of the original? it’s possible but unlikely. Consider that for you to deploy your network, SAFE must already be at a viable stage. You will incur a delay every time SAFE evolves. Requiring audits to ensure each update doesn’t break the goals of your fork. Like Tor and Firefox. Except in this case SAFE provides all but the most superficial aspects of your network. There are many reasons to reconsider your stance. Though if you want continue walking in a poor lit room that is your choice. I’ll be the voice next door. Let’s see just how mature and mentally flexible you truly are… :v:

Have you actually read the paper in detail?

It has completely different overall marketing and structure. Only for 1 out of 6 components, EO will partially fork Maidsafes code, it’ll branch off to something completely different from there. So calling it a fork is a little bit of a wrong statement. Which is why I avoid doing so. I simply say for parts of it it’ll fork maidsafe. For parts of it it’ll fork another project called Brave Browser. Parts of it may fork Tezos. But for the most part it’ll have its own unique codes.

It’s true i don’t code, so it won’t be me being CTO, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be one leading the technical side of things while i do operations and marketing.

I’m confident I’ll continue with my project. :slight_smile:

Let’s be real, there is no need to revive this discussion. All efforts onto Alpha 3 Safe Flam or w/e its called :smiley: . Maid has had their remarks about this individual, as well as the community input. Best of luck on his own great project.


I disagree with foreverjoyful ever being an official member of the team. He does have some spark, but he has also shown he’s willing to turn on people and even promote negative publicity if things don’t go his way. That’s not cool and demonstrates that he is not mature enough for this space.


@foreverjoyful I’m not a naysayer but your project that is trying to make legos fit with kinex, fit with duplo blocks, fit with Lincoln logs, is so radically ambitious that it would take more than the resources of Maidsafe, Tezos, and Bancor combined to achieve.

Stitching these together would be a mess. Rewriting two or more to fit one would be crazy. In the end it won’t be anything close to what you promise.

I’m going to be honest. It sounds like mega hype and a money grab. Luckily people are more cautious of ICO’s these days.

It’s kind of cute how you try to own the first time people will self authenticate line too.

Your project will be open source, yes?


That concerns me too but it’ll happen eventually. Getting some videos out and populating our ecosystem with some breakdowns by the community would be very helpful IMO. Such a large and ambitious project deserves more multimedia content. If he’s smart he’ll understand the benefits of adding to the uptake of SAFE. Tacking something on and mirroring SAFE still requires it as a pillar. Helping to teach and enthuse people of the underlying technology can only help his project.

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The ball is in his court I guess … I don’t think Maidsafe is going to give him an opportunity though, so I reckon he’s on his own.