Will Clinton Scandalize the US Supreme Court?

If its Hillary, after she appoints people like Krugman and foriegn born Pickety to the economic counsel, I could see her working to get rid of Citizens United. The story goes Citizens united or the bribery is legal law came into being by bribing a conservative justice(Thomas.) She could tilt the court and set back election corruption and send the court a message on more conservative bs. I hope she does. Thomas is black, which is a problem, she just has to nominate another black justice, one that is super liberal, and then she can beat conservatives over race and for being against blacks who actually support black issues as opposed to selling them out. If only Roosevelt had a tool like this we wouldnt have the fradulent insurance industry today, health care would be a legally protected right

Don’t you know your history?

Roosevelt just changed the number of Justices so he could stuff the court.

How bout we move it to 11 or 13 justices? That would be fair, right?