Will buying SAFE coins be easy once the full network is up?

Once the vaults are in place and the safe coins start rolling, will it be seamless to buy server space? Most people don’t care about crypto and converting thing to bitcoin, when the time comes will it be possible to use a credit card or other form of payment to get server space? The back end will all work in safe currency, but how hard will It be to pay and convert back to fiat? Thanks


I don’t think you’ll be able to pay for SAFEcoin with a credit card, due to chargebacks.

The new fiat in the cryptosphere are Tether, Nubits and BitUSD, just incase that you don’t trust your fiat on a bankaccount anymore.

SAFE Exchange will be available to convert SAFEcoins and other crypto’s.


If we think of SAFE as a small country to which we want to travel…we need the currency of that country. How much hassle is it to get a prepaid card or hard currency in that countries money?

You could go to the nearest currency exchange window, you could use an online broker…I envisage that level of friction in the early years of SAFE.

I dont think were talking Visa/Paywave type of convenience for sometime…unless those networks have seen the light and are building bridges as we speak.


Ah safe exchange works for me, as long as it allows for easy conversions from fiat.

One of the issues however is getting regular folks to participate. The complexity of getting bitcoin and then dealing with exchanges makes it very difficult to mainstream the whole thing. In most cases it makes it an impossible barrier to entry for a large majority of the population.


hmmmm - as a shop who offers payment in safecoin one could add himself in an app as possible safe exchange (e.g. 2% fee) … so people wanting coins could just walk to the exchange in their neighbourhood :innocent: *dreaming *

we need shops accepting safecoin!


It sounds interesting people putting their creditcard number on his account,
something like google and apple do for their stores,
It would really be easier for the average Joe

Yes, but for global acceptance we need a seamless way for Joe nobody to use it without even knowing they are dealing with alts. Once we find a way, it will be the killer app that will make this happen.

Joe nobody will never go to an exchange… :neutral_face:

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yeah you are probably right … won’t be an easy task …

EDIT: but i’m positive the debt crisis might help with acceptance - and the more people do have coins - the more people will (want to) use them


I think the issue is exchanges make it difficult, I tried to explain the process to a few people and it had no results… These were programmers…

Lets not kid ourselves, this stuff is not simple or easy. The process of getting my first bitcoins and paper wallet was a real headache!!!

We need to make it extremely easy so even the artist with WordPress can do it!


I agree with you. Most regular folks don’t even understand what bitcoin/safecoin etc. even is let alone will they be able to comprehend buying in.

One solution I was thinking about to solve this problem is to re-sell both the coins and the farm space and then set it all up for them. Once I do this one or two times most people will get it and start doing it themselves. It was the same when I introduced my dad to crypto currency, he ha d heard of bitcoin but didnt really know what it was or how he could get some.

After explaining to him over and over and over again. I just showed him how he could buy some and also how he could buy other coins (this was when you could easily buy crypto coins on ebay) and started buying up all sorts of crap.

I think the same is possible here.

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Yes I get the feeling that Safecoin will be easier to adopt because of no confirmation waiting; also bitcoin has already demonstrated to us the pitfalls of dealing with fiat: for example coinbase.com dealing with chargebacks all day;

There are certain solutions that exist, and hopefully they will become a reality when Safecoin comes around or shortly there after.

As well I feel that services will be more eager to support safecoin for the purpose that it buys data capacity. So data intensive businesses who consume safecoin will demand a ready source of safecoin. And ready demand usually attracts fulfilment. Tether is interesting, if only it was easy to redeem the physical fiat, a Tether ATM machine or something like that would be great.

Over the counter exchange of crypto currency for fiat makes good sense at a shop; yet ideally we can transact in physical shops without fiat. And even people already are doing this with credit cards for instance.

Taking credit cards for example, they make a transaction that settles later, sometimes MUCH later… so if we’re pitching an instant clearing cryptocoin that is protected from hackers, that sounds good to me as a shop owner.

Bitcoin has failed that test since shops discontinue using bitcoin when they cannot get a confirmation in time. Or people finish their meal and yet the coin has not confirmed yet still. There is a game changing advantage that I hope will percolate to the minds and actions of many.


My thoughts exactly.

So, when are we opening our own SAFE bank?


Nerve racking.

I think many people will experience SAFEcoin as a balance coming into their account due to choosing to share above average…and build from there. Very important to educated on the aspect of unused resources providing a chance to get credits

People are fairly familiar with credits on the net now, so it’s up to the apps to provide something cool for them to spend their credits on.

The holders of the first 10% of SAFEcoin are on top of this stuff, so if they come over…they will be ok and hopefully use their coins to help the network get started.

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Good point. But for the people who want to PUT to the network immediately we need to find some easy solutions for them for I fear we may lose some of them when we begin explaining they cannot just pay with a credit card or PayPal…

You are the bank…


Satoshi Nakamoto should start looking into the SAFE Network

What are you up to? :smile:

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strike while the iron is hot;

@Goindeep I can already sense “data brokers” (being figurative) eager to get their hands on your precious safecoins; they know whose got big data to protect!!

I can think of locktime on safecoin; certificate of deposit of sorts? waiting on the network to expand ossifying some safecoin until a more opportune moment, almost like cryofreeze on safecoin :wink:

Having a lot of fun, and Huge thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto while Im at it for showing us bitcoin so plainly. This Genesis block forming, txin, txout technology is really stimulating my finger tips :slight_smile:


One word:
This lets people get their hands on SafeCoin without any crazy crypto conversions etc

Don’t forget about that! Way more accessible than mining bitcoins (a true pita) as all the elegant and simple GUIs from MaidSafe are showing :slight_smile:


Also, MaidSafe already wins the game at making things easier than Wordpress. The demo app was way easier than wordpress!!

More templates please @happybeing :sunny:


I was looking yesterday at a local “business centre” in my area offering various exchange type services… foreign exchange, Western Union, Ria etc …while asking myself some of the same questions as highlighted in this thread

Perhaps an opportunity (including training) could exist for internet cafe owners to host a “local bitcoins” type service (for Safecoin)…including other opportunities, eg farming /meetups /app promotions /magazine sales, and on and on, as the network evolves and expands…perpetual opportunity, for locals :slight_smile: