Will an autonomous network without intervention ever be ready to be let loose on the world?

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I was reading The Impossible Network and couldn’t help but wonder if ever a point will be reached when the Maidsafe team will be ready to say “that’s it, we’re done”, given that from that point there can be no more tweaking?

If so, how is that decision made? And is there a way to intervene against future but currently unimaginable attacks and security risks (ie compromise the autonomy)?


Thats wrong

And yes they have a set of modules that need to be implemented for release of the SAFE network.

The network will be updated as time goes on. That is what the 5% core dev rewards are all about, paying the future core devs to continue developing and fixing problems.

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Excellent, so its 95% autonomous then :slight_smile: Makes total sense, i just got confused reading that article.

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Autonomous does not equate to never needing work done on it. Our bodies are autonomous, but at times we need surgery, need food, need water and so on.

Autonomous means it operates without the need of any operator to tell it what to do to operate. Its built into its code (for humans its our dna).

Just because we change the way the autonomous network behaves does not mean its not autonomous.

Its autonomous, not an independent thinking machine, that is referred to as Artificial Intelligence and they are not the same thing. You can have one without the other and no one yet has suggested we can do both together in the near future and not good for a network that is to serve us humans.


Once you add computation to the network it is one stepping stone closer to that…

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Albeit a minor but necessary step.

To be 100% autonomous it would need to have its own universe with its own power supplied etc. like an autonomous car would need everlasting tyres and charged batteries all built on perpetually lasting materials etc. I think you confuse autonomous with a perpetual machine type analogy, autonomous means it has no master except the world around it, but it may need repairing from time to time, like everything. Also autonomous does not mean perfect, never to improve, it simply means self managing from our perspective if that helps. Remember a horse is autonomous as well as all other natural things, they are not 100% self sufficient or perfect.

Of course you could philosophise about all of that for an infinity on just about anything if you take it to those levels, no such colour as green, no measurement that is 3 inches, no parallel lines, no circles etc. etc. It does not achieve much to do that, unless you are in the looking glass of everything.


Bitcoin kinda is an autonomous ledger (with a fairly basic p2p network) itself. The ledger is autonomous and smart , but the network is not (that is not a disparagement, bitcoin does not really need as smart a network (arguably, but so far has not), especially if it is pseudo anonymous and not encrypted). So bitcoin is this autonomous money/value system that has a specific and important role.

SAFE is an autonomous network, so that includes, any data, communications, ledgers etc. In SAFE it should be possible to prune heavily the datachain as there is no need to traverse it to see old transaction (the transactions are internal to the data elements).


Hi guys, when on the maidsafe website if i click on the link “What do we mean by autonomous?”, it links to the metaquestions.me article. All very good, but I can’t help but think it would be better for this and other articles to be integrated into the maidsafe website itself to give the user a more consistent experience.