Will alpha 2 be online for an extended period of time once released?

Alpha 1 and testnet 17 are offline. What will happen to alpha 2 once it’s released? Will the team keep it online to public so that people can play with existing apps or create new apps in temporary network until next alpha or beta is released?


I gather the plan is to have it running till alpha 3 is released

There would also be testnets occasionally running in conjunction with it.


It will actually run until Alpha 4 by current thinking. Alpha 3 will be a secured autonomous network, but with no data (routing nodes not vaults). Yes testnets will also run in parallel as we tweak API’s per dev feedback I think.


This is interesting, how will alpha 3 be tested?


It will be a secure autonomous network. We are thinking about providing use cases for this, but not yet finalised. All ideas welcomed though, like secure message, IOT connector etc.


If this is the case then I assume there will be some sort of restriction on how much disk space each user can use in the network. Is this correct? From what I understood, the vaults will be managed by Maidsafe for alpha 2.

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I misunderstood your first post, you meant no vaults from home and I thought something else that made zero sense to me… or possibly at all :smile:


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