Wild boars

Does anybody know anything about wild boars? I seem to have a small problem. :boar:

EDIT: Can they be tamed? If so, how?

Its a word hors d’oeuvre but I’m more familiar with domesticated bores. Plenty of them all over the place…not really a problem just a bit tedious…

Probably best to ask your local Lars when he’s not full of moonshine. I asked Google. Apart from discovering about the increased population and Involuntary euthanasia programme in Finland…everyone with the very same question on quora either said dont for the animals sake - or get a plate ready…I suppose it depends if you want to live with one or not, if the feeling is mutual and more importantly if the chickens would mind. If you’re saving your new friend from the culling it makes sense but otherwise if its got plenty of food already then its likely to be living the good life without you. Companion wise I would always choose a dog over a hog but its up to you. Good luck with it all anyway.

I can suggest electric fence. If the problem is only small right now maybe you’re not so motivated, but if the boars come and wreck the ground so you can barely walk on it and utterly destroy your crops, I’m sure you’ll get more motivated. :stuck_out_tongue:

My dad’s electric fence against boars is just two lines and goes up to about your knee. He turns it on only at night since that’s when they come, could be automated. So it’s not a huge thing to set up and use.

I don’t know anything about taming them.

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I’ve thought about electric fences, but they are not very practical in the middle of the woods. It’s not like I really need personal protection from the boars around the cabin, and I don’t do any real farming.

Well that’s good then! :slight_smile:
Fences are good when you need them, but they’re not fun to look at!

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