Wiki2 - [WIP] A simple markdown wiki written in rust

Wiki2 github page

I am going to create a wiki app for the safe network. I am basing the framework on a system of nested files. Currently these files are rendered by a nickel router but when the SAFE network API opens up I will be able to take many of the lessons learned here and transmute them into the SAFE framework.

Why create a wiki app for the safe network? Mostly due to my experience with tor and the hidden wiki. It is my belief that before search engines are available, there will be communities within the SAFE network that will be creating and sharing applications and other interesting things. How will new users to the SAFE network find these things? Much like the hidden wiki, I believe that there should be a new wiki that will point people in the right direction and this wiki should be an application within the SAFE network.

The final form of the application is not yet entirely clear. Previously, all wiki software existed in a client-server interface (as my demo is set up right now). Within the safe network there are no centralized servers. When I see the official API, the direction of the project will become much clearer. For now, it exists as a web 1.0 prototype and most of the development that is done on this project should be completely reusable.


Any chance that something like Wikipedia could ever be hosted on safe network. Just curious given how much they spend on servers.

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I use a wiki as a personal information manager and my application of choice is Zim Wiki (GPL2 open source license)

I’d love it if you were to build using Zim because its features are excellent. It maybe isn’t the easiest route to a SAFE application though as it is written in python - but it is well supported and has an active community of users. The functionality is amazing, even integrating with git (lots of plugins as well as the built in stuff), and all nicely cross platform. All it lacks at the moment is a decent mobile client. I’ve used it with file sync on dropbox and it works, so if nothing else, it could be used as is with its files stored on SAFE Drive (your SAFE filespace mounted as a local drive).

Whatever route you take I think this is a brilliant idea and will be very keen to see it succeed. Good luck!


Very good idea! Thanks to all of you, early safe apps developpers.