Why we're using Tim Berners-Lee's Web and not Project Xanadu

I hear ya. Often it is not the developers driving this culture, though. Grecko, can you elaborate on why you felt the link was relevant here?

If you see such complexity here, how can it be eliminated?

Given the current trends on the web, many of which quite frankly look like maidspace, or share concepts with maidspace, I actually think that maidsafe is a very elegant solution to a number of problems. I’ve been saying this a lot lately,

Simple solutions totally rock. Simplicity is beautiful and grand. The thing is, most of the high-value problems with simple solutions have been solved. Isn’t it perfectly possible that actually the reason we’re using Tim Berners-Lee’s web and not project Xanadu is the marketing behind it and the fact that as a member of CERN, Tim Berners-Lee was without a doubt better connected to the global power structure?

I like this article and I don’t see why the “relevant” question should be raised here. While a certain discussion may not have an immediate connection to Maidsafe, it is alway a good thing that the community discusses and shares perspectives on multiple things.

I don’t have a knowledge of history of WWW adoption but isn’t it far-fetched to postulate a conspiracy theory ?



There’s nothing at all “conspiracy-esque” about acknowledging the fact that projects with greater connection to global power structures have a greater chance of mass adoption because of their promotion by those controlling global power structures…

No conspiracy implied in my comments.

Re: Relevance - well we’re on a forum discussing the creation of a new internet no? :wink: Just found it quite interesting.

As the article says, reading the Xanadu list of features is like reading a list of WWW fails – “security” , “micropayments” etc – and yet it ended up losing the market to an “inferior” product. I think there’s important lessons there.

You haven’t provided a solution if nobody’s using it. Shipping (being fast) is indeed a feature.

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When i was watching Ted Nelson’s videos on youtube i immediately thought what he describes sounds like something maidsafe could provide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yLNGUeHapA

So perhaps he finally gets to implement his vision when the technology to do so finally becomes available :smile:

Not project xanadu like he originally envisioned it, but a system that functions much like it. The main difference would be that xanadu would be the frontend, maidsafe the backend.