Why we are resigned to giving our data to corporate spies - The Guardian, June 28, 2015

The key to mass adoption of SAFENetwork:

The findings also suggest that users’ willingness to provide personal
information to web services cannot be explained by ignorance. Instead,
the researchers propose a different explanation – that “a majority of
Americans are resigned to giving up their data – and that is why many
appear to be engaging in trade-offs. Resignation occurs when a person
believes an undesirable outcome is inevitable and feels powerless to
stop it. Rather than feeling able to make choices, Americans believe it
is futile to manage what companies can learn about them. Our study
reveals that more than half do not want to lose control over their
information but also believe this loss of control has already happened.”

The key to mass adoption would therefore be to make the “cost” (effort, inconvenience etc) of transition to SAFE services sufficiently low as to seem worthwhile in respect of the perceived “benefit” of being freed from corporate surveillance, and in showing enough people who are presently feeling “resigned” and “powerless” that this is not the case at all.


That’s true. And in tandem with performance and functionality that are not attainable elsewhere the security point becomes even more inviting. Actually, I’m thinking that there is sufficient apathy on the privacy point that it’s unbelievable to many as to what the network can do.

So, killer apps to entice, and then we’ll lure them into privacy, security and freedom in the same fashion they were lured away. Then they’ll wake up to the idea that it’s a not only good, but expected that they should have the choice for privacy.