Why was freenet so slow?

Freenet turned DSL into 14.4k, actually thats too generous, it would literally do nothing for days, ticking away at the little blocks downloaded like grains of sand falling through a stopped up hourglass. But it was doing something after all, it sucked down 50KB/s consistently while apparently doing anything but what you wanted it to.

Whats the deal with this, what caused it to be so slow? It was p2p after all, theres no reason why it couldnt have been as fast as bittorrent.

why, “java.”… of course! The language that forces a VM onto every situation weather or not it demands one, and introduces abstraction where none is needed.


Saying Java is good because it works on all operating systems is like saying anal sex is good because it works on all genders.


That is a lot of information in such a short sentence.


First hand experience beats any theory, that’s for sure :slightly_smiling:

Joking aside I think FN caches stuff from everyone if you let it to, and if your peers are economizing then your upload is slow. Something along those lines - see their web site for details.

But since you are the one who provides resources, on SAFE as a farmer you may wish it was slower because it may make your other network activities too slow.
I tested that P2P backup app and it was interfering with my internet access a bit. If you put a 100GB online it will take a lot of download (from your point of view) and then some for rebuilding missing copies.