Why two forums?

Can someone please tell me what the difference is between this forum (https://safenetforum.org/c/development) and the SafeDev forum (https://forum.safedev.org/)


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safedev is focused 100% on technical development, while safenetforum has many other categories, and very little purely technical content.
My understanding is that it was chosen to move development under another domain in order to keep it focused and to the point.


As @nice says

And there are 2 forums and yes some overlap.

I am changing the title from “Why so many forums?” to “Why two forums?” as the former is just unnecessary and unwarranted sensationalism


Given “some overlap”… Is there a guideline for what development topics should be posted in safenetforum (development category) and forum.safedev.org? Plans possibly to maybe even sunset the safenet development category and direct questions to forum.safedev.org?

If your knee deep in application development and need to discuss APIs etc then the dev forum is best.

If its general development discussions then here is best.

The dev forum is for active application or core code development issues/information/talk and the purpose is for developers to concentrate on the task at hand without noise from general discussions