Why the taxman won't like Bitcoin


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Why the taxman won’t like Bitcoin


I block Disquss so I can’t see your comment, but I agree with the writer.

Those guys are just “following orders” issued by the European Banking Authority few weeks ago.
It’s going to become all clear, legal and approved once they figure out a way to tax the sheeple who buys bitcoins at a “government-approved” exchange/brokerage/whatever.

The whole thing is laughable. They stand no chance and at best they will ruin bitcoin (with the help from The Bitcoin Foundation) at which point people will simply switch to another coin (Darkcoin and others are doing quite okay these days, thank you very much).


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LOL… Last week I was about to do the same (open multiple Dissux accounts), but then I got to my senses. On behalf of all MaidSAFE token holders I thank you for sacrificing a tiny bit of your privacy!