Why the Safe Network Video Series


I really want to start a youtube series exploring safe network. I have a couple of reasons for this. Firstly I would like to learn more about the network and cement the knowledge i already have in my mind

I obviously also want to promote the network as I believe passionately in the networks ability to change the world for the better.

I have made a pilot video in the style I am thinking of delivering. This is by no means a finished article. I have made it off the cuff and intend to try and design the videos with more clarity and structure.

I m looking for RFC from folks as to if we think this style will be useful and if my delivery makes sense, can you under stand my accent…haha

This initial series will not try to be too technical. My aim is to use real world situations to try and show some basic operations and uses of the network. I know a lot of us love the nitty gritty technicals but I think we can forget how confusing a lot of it is to the general population.

Anyway comments appreciated.

Heres the pilot



Like it! If you’re drawing a parallel with autonomous cars, perhaps you should emphasise that unlike with the Auto Cars server there is no potential malicious insider who can read your message and sell it on or redirect it for their own ends. Instead it all happens automatically and autonomously with no third parties involved at all - just like the car.


I like the format and presentation. Clean, simple and intimate.

Not so sure about the technical content. Consider the difference between storing data and the kind of messaging you’re representing.

Definitely worth pursuing.:+1:


Thanks I will add that in.

Yeah I need to tighten up on my technical knowledge. That’s what I am hoping to do along the way with this. Good point about the messaging Vs storing data. I will look into the difference.


I think the challenge is NOT to use technical terms and use simple language that the man in the street will understand. Tough I know


Yeah that’s what I would like to do. Sometimes that means explaining things slightly different to how they are. I think the key will be to ignite people imagination s so they can then dig deeper into the technicals themselves.

Man I don’t give a toss about the technical. I just want to hit the browser (like Chrome) and enter a Safe world. Making a few bucks will also be a good thing


I like the simplicity of it, makes thing very clear for the non technical guys here.