Why the democrats stalled on impeachment

Lets be clear, Trump didn’t want to be president- you could see it in his face the moment he learned he was selected. He wasn’t elected, he was selected. He had multiple foreign hooks in his ass tugging from different directions. This is why he asked Russia to meddle in US elections which Muller showed they did and why he meddled in the UK elections. Presumably Russia asked him to ask- they wanted to prevent WWW3 in Iran. This is why he said upon learning
Muller had been choosen to investigate him “I am fucked! My Presidency is over, Jeff how could you let this happen to me?!”

But if you look at Hillary she had equal hooks and showed total entitlement and contempt for the US people. Her nepotism was absolutely disgusting as well as a spouse of a former president and she too was selected in the primaries which she clearly lost to Bernie but she beat Trump by the 4th largest margin in history but was deselected by the EC. Surely they saw her disgusting sense of contempt and entitlement and disgusting nepotism 2nd only to Trump’s idiotic nepotism- which must be made more illegal. Surely they saw she had a hook in her ass for war with Iran, she was a Romney type wind up doll on Iran and she was entitled and beligerant about taking bribes from Goldman and saying that taking pay to sell out the public was secret and not the public’s business. Was that all related to Iran?

So when Muller tells the Dems they must take Trump to the court of public opinion it is because they must also take the sellout wing of the democratic party to the OJ style court of public opinion for prosecution. But that piece of sht sell out wing would rather have Trump than have people who would give a damn about the public in office (people more like Bernie) so it stalls on impeachment because it doesn’t want its sell outs exposed. It is beyond pathetic.


Sorry let me sum up the above. Dems trying to shill for Shillary is holding up the flushing of the Donald turd. Can’t sacrifice shillary to do whats right even as she was selling us out. The f-ing bathroom may be flooded and the donald may escape the bowl if these people don’t act. Pelosi said yesterday she wants to see Don beaten at the ballot box (he was remember? and he was trying to lose) prosecuted and sent top prison. Those are fighting words and so you know she wants to fight but presumably she can’t because of photos or other out of context in context stuff that might not be taken in context that all adds to a solid web of blackmail complicty glue. So she’s tit in the ringer stuck while the clock is ticking and the toll is rising. This is the kind of rubber band that snaps. Glue can and does break loose.

This is why it cant be Biden to the rescue. Biden signals his true colors then lies to placate. Single payer and the GND are the same issue. GND hits fossil fuel losses on the front end and single payer hits it in the health insurance in name only health care funds that exist to socialize fossil fuel losses on the back end and without which there wouldn’t even be a US federal deficit to foist the debt slavery upon the population.

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