Why promoting safe network to google?

I don’t like it. Why making friends with big brother? I don’t get it. And I’m also not quite cumfortable with marketing a network “by the people for the people”…

This project is not closed source and as such the technology and ideas are not hidden away.

Human knowledge is increased/improved by the sharing of ideas and discoveries.

The talk to Google was not to convince them of anything and was not to woo them. It was an opportunity to share scientific discoveries/information in the field of computer science. Humans as a whole only move forward as discoveries are shared.

Google could take our source code and discover all these things for themselves anyhow.

David has often said that he is happy if other projects can uses the libraries that Maidsafe create. He feels that it will move humankind forward if these things are shared and used by many.

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It is also marketing for the project that will be very effective in the communities that maidsafe want to target first (ie developers and early adopter organisations).

The technical people who work for Google are a fantastic marketing resource because in one presentation Nick was able to reach so many of them, and like any developer community they will have their own interests and share their knowledge with many outside their community.

We should welcome this, and who knows, it make also educate some of those at Google to see their work in the bigger context of both the issues which SAFEnetwork is designed to address, and the technical innovations that allow how things can be done differently (read: better :wink:).

I think it’s fantastic.

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I understand your views, I’m all in for sharing, but I still feel there are other ways than google. Why not Microsoft or Facebook then? Unless the idea is to say to the enemy’s (that’s what it is) troops “come and join us”…

Why restrict our audience? People who work for Google are people, and many won’t have thought about the things we are concerned about, or have any idea that such a different way of doing things is possible. Spread the word everywhere, focus where you can reach the most people with the mind of skills and interests you want with the least amount of your resources.


Alright then.
I obviously mixed up fund raising and selling the project. When I saw Maidsafe and Google next to each other I stopped thinking :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Let’s hope safe network doesn’t get corrupted… in any way. It’s my biggest fear!