Why not sn_node in /usr/local/bin?

Hardly of ground-shaking importance right now but something that has bugged me for a while…

If the safe CLI binary should be placed in /usr/local/bin and under root ownership then why is the sn_node binary (the new safenode) not handled similarly?

Placing binaries in /usr/local/bin is of course more correct, more “Unixy” even if the benefits seem to be somewhat nebulous in this case as SAFE is unlikely to be run (in earnest) on a true multi-user box. So why the inconsistency?

Or is this location of binaries something that can get cleared up at some/any point before release and is not a screaming urgency right now??


Yeah, I agree with this and it will be implemented with safeup.

It will have the same behaviour as the install script: if you run it elevated, either the client or the node will be installed to /usr/local/bin by default, otherwise, to the home directory.


Btw, should we possibly have one thread for dealing with UX for the safe, safenode and safeup binaries? Just call it like “User Experience for the CLIs” or something like that?