Why not broadcast https://SAFEnetwork.tech as your guest WiFi SSID

People will see this, people have guests visiting, ask for passwords, I’ve got a portion of my street covered.

If we all enabled our guest WiFi, added this string, and a strong password… no need to actually use the guest network just use it as an advertising tool.

Maybe with a call to action…

Get yours set up and post a screenshot here! :grinning:

And the first thing they will see, after finding out the website on an internet accessing device…

I think it’s quite a powerful hit for someone viewing it.


Ofcourse it exists. Was thinking about carrying around a Raspberry Pi with portable charger. Using it to broadcast an said.

Someone has already built this.


Could also serve webpages from the device. Pop it in your backpack. Checking the access logs at the end of the day could be interesting also.

Also… think of places with poor WiFi, no network connection… long dark spots on a train journey. You could have an adverpising website for people to browse while board.