Why isn't maidsafecoin available on more exchanges?

Is this a good idea? Poloniex would receive the actual SafeCoins then, while holding and transacting SafeCoins is a new, different system from the blockchain. From the context of their post it doesn’t seem they’re even aware of this. Mistakes can easily happen with a new system… What would be the impact on SAFE if Poloniex makes a mess and millions of SafeCoins would be lost right after launch? Remember SafeCoin is 100% anonymous, so if SafeCoins disappear then we have no way of tracking them either.


Poloniex is a great exchange for that, they are good implementing new protocols, they know what they do. But I’m agree. The swap should be done by Maidsafe team preferably

I think when it’s hard to purchase the coin, it’ll help get more people involved by increasing the likelihood of them running a vault to earn the coin themselves.

Mtgox… first thing I though of lol

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