Why is there no network yet? I want to play around with it


This currently requires modifying the source code, building it yourself, and using binaries currently only available in private testing. I think that maidsafe intend to make this easier for developers who need it though, so keep an eye on the developer updates (every Thursday by about 20:00 GMT, unless David keeps @Krishna_Kumar & @Shankar up through the night like last week, when 11pm for us meant 4am for them!)


I made a safe_vault fork allowing local networks. See instructions here.

To get the client binaries to access the network you need to reach the trust level 2 in this forum.


Sure, but like I said, I sloooooowly am building my website.
It’s taking me a long time to write all my thoughts down and to relearn how to make a website step by step again.
I haven’t figured out yet how to import website pieces yet, so I can put a navbar in.

Does javascript even work?


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