Why is the COVID-19 thread polluting the front page?

Surely this divisive topic, populated by cranks weirdoes and self-appointed “experts” should be banished from the front-page of a technology-focused, science -respecting project?
Newbies arriving get the partisan ravings of the self-opiniated rammed down their throat as if this was one of the concerns of this project.

Time to put this rubbish where it belongs - hidden in off-topic for those who want to try to prove to others that they have a clue about what they shout and bawl about.
There are plenty outlets for the self-educated and wannabe “whistleblowers” to indulge themselves. Why turn newbies away from this project by sharing the vitriol on this subject on the front page.

Hide this shame!!!

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Its because you participated in the topic. Try logging out and see if its there for anon person.

Its a change in the way discourse does its thing. Brought in a while ago.


That will teach me :slight_smile:


You’re an NPC now supposedly