Why is my post in "related projects" section not viewable?

Was wondering why I am unable to see a post i made in the related projects section when i click to view “all categories” on the forum? :slight_smile:

Well - off topic/meta is not on the front page as well

This is something that has been discussed a couple of times in the past (the problem seems to have been that the front page was full of off topic discussions) - it’s not that the forum doesn’t like you - it’s just that the category is less focused on the main topic of the forum :wink:

Ok well ideally I’d like as many people to see it as possible as I’m looking for team members/help with the project. Is there anyway @moderators can fix that?

Do the suggested way and make a post in the recent topic of yours where you said you were going to do that. Then people will definitely know its there.

Moderators, I’m not sure this forum is a good place for this kind of advertising. The old-timers know what this is about and have an informed opinion. But if you’re new to this forum and excited about SAFE you’re liable to make a mistake thinking this is somehow related to the Safe Network. A bit like when I was new here I took NVO seriously because I took SAFE seriously.


NVO is the reason we changed the rules. NVO was on the front page in teh APPs category. The #apps category was for any APPs using the safe network whereas the #related-projects category is not on the front page and the category is for non-safe projects that have some similarity to the SAFE network.

Maybe @foreverjoyful can make a particular note at the top of his topic stating in clear terms that his project is not connected to the safe project NOR has any endorsements of any kind (so no one makes a mistake). And as he stated it will use some of the code but has differing goals.

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Sorry what is NVO exactly?

I would personally like to see all categories on the front page, including Off-topic. I think there is a thin line between #related-projects and #off-topic. Regular users will eventually get a feel for what is what, but newbies may find these distinctions difficult.

What was NVO is the correct question: NVO Decentralized Exchange - Crowdsale.