Why is maidsafecoin going thru the roof?


It seems the sensible thing to be a pure bag holder/investor in safenet now… I’ll never buy at 3800sats again (unless btc goes epic), so trading at this point becomes silly. I won’t be selling for years I don’t think.

A lot of people just got burned in eth, but you can’t cheat and honest trader… buy a lot very early and hold for a very long time imo, through all the bubbles, that’s my strategy here anyway. I really believe in this project, 100%!


I’m wondering how the introduction of actual safecoin and the dynamics with using safecoin to pay for data storage will affect the whole pump and dump game both for safecoin and crypto in general.


Yes, it’s an interesting question. I mean real utility should drive up price/demand, but people can and will farm their own coins in most cases rather than buying them on an exchange, so we might expect maid to be quite stable. On the other hand, any killer app, network effect, mass adoption type scenario would likely see a real surge in value of/demand for coins (possibly for things outside of safenet resources) and if backed by utility rather than speculation, one would not expect it to be subject to the usual big retraces that we see in highly speculative trading assets.

Can’t wait to see hw it actually plays out :slightly_smiling:


Keep in mind North America has really low quality internet compared to Europe and other parts of the world and has tons of internet caps. People might start buying safecoin because the bar to farm might be too high as the global standard for internet usage is too high.


I do think that the market caps of all crypto currencies is so low right now that in the near and medium term that they will continue to be volatile and able to be easily manipulated. The BTC market cap is $5.7 billion today and the amount of USD believed to be in circulation is around $17 Trillion. I’m hopeful that the ability for anyone to easily farm safecoin will decentralise ownership and the utility will ensure good circulation - these factors should provide some price stability. As you say, it sure will be fun watching it unfold.


I hope we will see the US Internet improve. It wasn’t something I had been aware of until I saw you and others pointed this out in the forum. The US seems so bogged down in regulation and lobbying that it will probably take new technologies, such as off earth satellites, to provide the competition required for the ISPs to start behaving themselves.


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Well this IS why I keep emphasizing mesh networking capability, being independent of ISPs and was so distressed by non-persistant vaults. SAFE seems far too comfortable being dependent on the established internet and those coding it seem to forget how severely this dependence could backfire on a network, that is world wide, level. While GETs are free downloading data is not. And if users are to use their home computers that means frequent restarts, at least once a week for most users, if not more often.

If we are dependent on ISPs to maintain connection then we’ll be spending a ridiculous amount of money. We’ll be paying for downloads, uploads, and safecoin on top of it because farming with such restrictions won’t be cost effective. SAFE only really works if you assume a user has infinite downloads and uploads available to them. If you have an internet cap things get trickier. It doesn’t matter how much space you have on your computer if your ISP caps your internet and SAFE is DEPENDENT on ISPs.


Yes, that is certainly true, you can’t really have stability when the market cap is small. If you buy/sell into the order book on polo atm the spread is so thin you can easily end up increasing/decreasing the price by 5% in a single move without even being a whale.

Blindsite2k, can’t argue with your point. Any dependency is a weakness, fewer of them the better :confused:


I think you are looking for miracle solutions.

Even with persistent vault

How do you intend, for example, read a data if you’re unable to reach their XOR direction?

What does it matter that you create a mesh network that, without the existence of internet exit points, will not allow you access the vast majority of the information contained in the SAFE network?

I’m afraid you’re asking that the SAFE network will fix a problem that simply can not.


But the goal isn’t to connect to the internet. The goal is to connect to the SAFE network. If the SAFE network has mesh capability and isn’t reliant on the internet it can grow independently of internet exit points or route around them. In point of fact I don’t think the SAFE network has internet exit points. It just uses TCP/IP in order to connect to other nodes. So if mesh networking were to be introduced then instead of having a central point of connectivity between nodes, the internet, you’d have a decentralized form of connectivity.

So to answer your question mesh networking increases one’s odds of reaching one’s XOR direction because one has multiple routes along a decentralized net instead of a centralized web over which to follow. Remember if connection to the internet fails that means duplication will kick in. And given how many people have internet it’s doubtful internet will fail EVERYWHERE but it is likely that we’ll see a lot of dark areas. That’s where mesh networking comes in. To bridge those dark areas. Link all those cell phones together, link routers together, and start developing connections between people that don’t have internet at all.


The US/Canada have the world’s best internet:


It also has among the world’s worst internet:


It depends entirely on where you live, and if the market is competitive or not. Personally, I see things like this contributing to a coming “doomsday scenario” with regards to the survival of the US as a single country. Imagine, for a moment, a trump victory: Could the west coast take it? I strongly doubt it.

Next, imagine, for a second, a Sanders victory: An atheist socialist in charge of the USA? Could the “we still pine for the days of slavery” states in the south take it? I strongly doubt it.

Yet, it seems that we are hurtling towards one of these two outcomes.

With all of this said, if the transition is not violent, it might actually be a good ting: The US government structure is really, really old, and could use a constitutional refresh, something that we have been all too hesitant to give it.


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Canada had this ruling recently:

"the CRTC aims to provide 100 percent of Canadians access to reliable, world-class mobile and fixed Internet services, which will be available with an unlimited data option.
The agency has set the network speed target at 50 Mbps download speed and 10 Mbps upload speed. As of 2015, 82 percent of Canadians had access to that caliber of broadband."


hey jeff .

are you joining ccp line whit maidsafe coin .


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HAH That picture made me laugh so hard :smiley: 130 million years :grin:
And the best thing is this if from one year ago haha


When a person shouts, “I have right to…” They simply means, “I am privileged. I ought to get things for free on the expensive of taxpayers.”


If you’re referring to the CRTC decision then no the proposal is not to tax fund the internet. It’s more like giving the giant telecom companies a kick in the ass getting them to build inferstructure and remove data caps just like in Europe. But no one’s saying internet will be “free.” More or less the idea is the internet is now as essential to day to day life as the telephone and no longer a luxury. We don’t get free telephone service either. (Oh and fyi Canadians don’t get free prescription drugs either. Two tiered medical system. There’s lots of things we don’t get for free.)

Though in a general sense yes people do tend to confuse rights and privileges.


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