Why is maidsafecoin going thru the roof?

I just noticed that the price of maidsafe coin is going up and up? any news I’ve missed? speculation or just short term manipulation?


Could it be this? MaidSafe Technical Analysis for 01/18/2016 - Market Trading at Important Pivot Zone » The Merkle News


some comments from the past two days, no clue actually who or what is buying wow

someone bought the sell wall of 2million maids at around 5000 satoshi


Not quite “through the roof” but the orderbook sure has a nice tinge of green in it…


I’m not aware of anything new with SAFEnetwork, so my speculation is that someone who was holding blockchain cryptocurrency (bitcoin, Ethereum etc) might be spreading their risk by increasing holdings in this very promising non blockchain project.

This might well be prompted by the issues raised by Mike Hearn recently, or it might be totally unconnected! Only the big buyers know. :slightly_smiling:


My guess is some trader which left last year after realizing he/she was to early for launch realizes now it’s time to be ontime for launch :slight_smile:


It’s not uncommon for small market altcoins to have wide price swings for no apparent reason.


Wanted to point this out

http://omnichest.info/lookupadd.aspx?address=1Po1oWkD2LmodfkBYiAktwh76vkF93LKnh 15 million maidsafecoins


http://omnichest.info/lookupadd.aspx?address=1Co1dhYDeF76DQyEyj4B5JdXF9J7TtfWWE = 58 million maidsafecoins

so Poloniex has about 73 million MAID; that’s a lot of MAID at the ready there


I think a lot of people keep them there because holding them in paper wallets or omniwallet is too difficult or too much work.


One wonders when people will learn their lesson. Crypto-currency that is stolen from a compromised exchange is crypto that is gone forever.


maybe someone sell and buy all by himself.

Yet another reason for us to get SAFE up and running so we don’t have to rely on centralized exchanges.


Well BTC price did fall quite a bit. Only makes sense, in that regard. (At least, I’m happy about it-- finally boosting up a little bit, to compensate for the BTC fall, especially since MAID fell so much when BTC rose.) Bunch of other good points in this thread, too, just wanted to provide that here, since I didn’t see it said yet (except said in a different way, by happybeing). Also… MAID was added to Bittrex, right? I’m not sure when it was—or, if certain groups had the inside scoop that it was going to be added to Bittrex.

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Maybe Max Keiser has bought in with his Bank to the Future fund, they bought into Storj so I’m sure they must be looking at this one also.

No advantage is gained from knowing the bittrex will list the coin. By the way the listing came in this morning.

I’m curious. How long will it take to convert from safecoin to bitcoin and back again? I mean safecoin transfers atomically but bitcoin has that whole blockchain consensus thing going for it. So how much lag time are we talking between the two of them?

I mean this might ALSO be something that affects transfers. Smaller more rapid transfers and transactions might be better suited to SAFE but if you’re going to do a bulk order or transfer bitcoin might be just fine.

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gotta put my lotto winnings somewhere! :slight_smile: [I wish!]

Bittrex has some highly credentialed security experts and they are very accessible. I recommend checking out the slack and asking them questions directly.

If you have a min help get some volume going over there. More people will learn about the safe network if it’s on the front page.

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I have a thought on this

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Hot damn!
24hr Volume:
341.80119431 BTC

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