Why is Maidsafe not making much github commits?

Today i discovered a site that ranks cryptocurrencies based on github commits.

Maidsafe has had a total of 27 commits in the past 12 months by 20 contributors while other(top ranked) projects have 5000s+ from 100+ contributors. I saw projects with less than 20 contributors making over 3000+ commits, so I was just wondering why don’t Maidsafe have as much?

Edit : I also just found this site https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/all?sort_by=developer_score that ranks Maidsafe developer activity differently, and a lot higher! So maybe purely the number of commits doesn’t mean much after all

Also the website summarised maidsafe as ‘rent disk space’. I think we might have to do something about this. It’s a recurring thing. (but i guess that’s another discussion)

… Number of commits doesn’t tell anything…

Maidsafe did stress all the time that they simplify the code wherever they can (around the first alpha after the switch to rust we were at 40 000 lines of code - compared to 400 000 lines that existed with the initial c implementation of the network in 2014)… One can commit a lot of comments and unused code… One can commit every single character they type…

But if you have a clean and short code base and only commit in reasonable packages you end up with less code and less commits… Simple as that…


This came up before a wee while back. I answered here, but basically the information on that site at best misleading.


I agree the number of commits doesn’t tell much, but also that data is incorrect.

It looks at maidsafe/crust, which is only one of many repositories that maidsafe maintains. The code is split across many repositories, so the real figure is also a lot higher than 27.


What do they define as commits?
Have also a look at this thread and you’ll see it is more then 27 commits: Github commits in 2017


Aaaah - right - I didn’t follow the link and didn’t look at the numbers too closely… But indeed it’s even completely wrong…