Why is it when i go to "example applications", the page opens up in firefox?

why is it when i go to “example applications”, the page opens up in firefox?

Because it’s a web (http) URI, not a SAFE Network website.


yes, but i cliked on a link in the safe browser and it took me to the firefox browser

The safe browser cannot open internet URI web pages.

Just because a web page URI link is on the safenetwork page does not insulate it from opening the web page in firefox. This is likely to end up differently in the final browser used on the safe network. Most likely it will refuse to open it. But for now the result on clicking on a http(s):// web site is that firefox will open to bring up that page


it really should at least give you a heads up so you have a chance to cancel unwanted clearnet requests. not to mention that the z-index of the hyperlink preview that shows up on hover is too low, so that the tooltip at the bottom left isn’t visible and you never really know where you’re going unless you copy and paste the link elsewhere.


Hi @nihility, this was exactly one of the things thrown at the table when we were considering how we can enhance the UX of the browser, even more, there are ideas of perhaps configuring/blocking/denying certain domains so they don’t bother you with such requests.


Is good to know this, only safe network pages.
I remember this as tor browser, but here is not possible to open clearnet I suposse the same for javascript and others. Good!

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