Why is inactive maid twitter and reddit, wouldnt be better or faster network effect?

Why is inactive maid twitter and reddit, wouldnt be better or faster network effect?


Why dont YOU take responsibility for making sure Reddit is kept current?

The team is ALL devs + @Heather_Burns and @JimCollinson on “legals” and UX. There simply is no-one with the time to look after these social media platforms.
I know I would prefer bugs squashed and innovatve tech introduced
rather than social media if resources are limited.

You want excellent social media to get the word out and reassure those who are only in it for the short-term profits rather than those who want to see the vision of the SAFE Network realised? Make it happen, then. Nobody is stopping you.

PS Please dont make an arse of it.

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Because I do not feel knowledgeable to respond to question about maid etc b) I dont have offical account to post news.

ok argument that people and resources are limited is probably valid with small or bigger but → it could price up to get money on this resources. (and possible more volume on exchanges->more exchanges->more resources) etc) b) it could bring more people to join community (programmers or testers) that could for free help with this project c) this also apply on quicker network effect (and find bugs etc) in future when “final” network going to out.

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Read the forum thoroughly to educate yourself then.

offical, unoffical, schmofficial - some news getting into those channels is better than none.

Be that person if it itches you that much. But dont come moaning here unless you have ideas, time and energy to contribute.

Or sponsor someone* who may have these resources if you dont have them yourself.

Be the change you want to see.

*That someone is NOT me BTW - I know little of Reddit and Twitter does nasty things to my blood pressure.

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it was just question, I do not moaning.

and u skip my but that I set. It also (I do not know who are u) its in your intereset in my opinion to be price up, in meaning that then safe team could have more resources imo2.


Every update is posted to Twitter and Reddit.

The team and it’s resources are currently focused on delivery of a working network, so it is up to others if they want to spread the word about this. That’s the answer to your question.

I used to do this myself but don’t have the time at the moment.


Im sorry, Im not understanding you here - BTW full marks for pushing on when English is clearly not your first language - Us native anglophones often do not take account of the great efforts others must make to communicate on here.

Yes it IS in everyones interest, I happen to think that it is MORE in our interest to maintain a sharp focus and concentrate on bug-squashing and testing. I get a sense of “We are close enough to completion that the coin price does not matter greatly right now” from David.
Others may call that reckless, I call it “well-nuanced and a sensible division of concerns” and all that may change if the bugs prove stubborn. In any case the price will take care of itself post-launch and I see little chance of mooning beforehand, no matter how effective a social media campaign can be waged.
Meanwhile, if you can afford it, load up on MAID and eMAID.


I believe once the network is in a stable beta, the marketing will begin in earnest. At this stage there are many already who distract the focus of the team as they are worried about their investment and need regular reassurances and the MAID team is simply too small and too underfunded to afford a public relations contingent.

Better to be under-the-radar for now IMO until beta … then there will be much more funding for MAID team and also the Foundation to handle public relations.


I agree. I don’t think marketing should be a priority at this stage. Once the network launches, it should probably focus mainly on developers. Users will follow once a healthy app ecosystem exists. My expectation is that the network effects will come more from developers advertising to users than from MaidSafe advertising to users directly.


Guys it would be great if we can all contribute towards some activity on various platforms for MaidSafe project.

Currently I try to:
-Be active on CMC with account, once in a while share something positive on $MAID or $EMAID about current project developments. Leave likes, report spam comments.
-Coingecko visit token page, click on feeling positive if that helps anything. General clicks and interactivity boosts visibility too.
-Reddit, liking/sharing/commenting
-Interaction on telegram, answering questions of new people, liking dimitars posts or sharing your thoughts.
-Recently @Josh also shared his youtube video(s) on how to use community network, commenting, liking the general fizz will help.

Most of these are super easy and if you have some time while waiting somewhere they take almost no effort and kind really help to set a positive environment, attract more people and future developers that will build apps on SAFE.

I don’t ask you to post MOON and other pump and dump commentaries. Just good constructive comments or keep it at simple like if you don’t feel like writing, super easy and it helps!

We don’t achieve a goal in one day, it’s the small efforts we make on daily basis that build empires and greatness. :two_hearts:

PS: Some more active advertising would be ideal when safe network enters beta testing by community, so maidsafe is not involved. Something our hero @Dimitar already does, fliers, ads, some nice merch we could create if anyone is willing to sell it.