Why I invest in maidsafe / safecoin

I just wanted to share why I bought in to maidsafe, and why i’m comfortable with a larger than usual
fiat investment.

Mostly, the biggest buy signal for me - this is a service I want to use, and can’t wait to start using. At the bare minimum, access to my files from anywhere using my account details? Data stored securely and privately and further down the road, access to amazing services built on top of the network.

Yea, I bought a small amount of bitcoin when they were $15, not enough to retire - but for me personally, what did I end up using bitcoins for since the $15?

  • Sat on them and made a nice profit over the years.
  • Used them to buy maidsafe tokens.

Buying maidsafe tokens felt like a different experience to buying bitcoins even dogecoins… ha!
I can’t wait to spend (some) of my maidsafe coins on services - nor can my friends.

That’s why I have invested in maidsafe / safecoin.

Finding this forum was easy, some of you are questioning if you need more of a presence on Reddit, I think that will come naturally. This forum is great!

You’ve got it maid with safecoin. :wink:
Just give me more opportunities to buy in at 0.00017 ish.


Completely agree with you!

Speculation vs utility.

Some people find BTC useful to go on the darknet and buy their weed (or whatever), but it can’t hack the volume to be really useful in any other way yet. The vast majority of the Alt market is based on speculation about possible future utility, but SAFEcoin is the only one I want to use and will immediately solve the problem of how I store all of my data and interact with the online world from the moment it launches. I want control over my own data, I want security and I want unrestricted access to information. SAFE is the only thing that can give me what I want from day one.


Did you sell all your BTC for MAID?

I’m Maidsafe heavy. Also more or less, the value of maidsafe in bitcoins has been preserved the initial bitcoin value anyway, which gives me a secure feeling. I’d say, no brainier putting your bitcoins in to maidsafe. I’ve got 20% of my bitcoin holdings before hearing about maidsafe - and well, why not put the remainder all in maid - am tempted.


What would be your preferred way to move from bitcoin to minimise fees and slippage et cetera? Have you found anything better than the exchanges?

Well - ha ha! My preferred way, a fully decentralised exchange run on the SAFE network. :wink:

Currently not found anything better than an exchange, can’t beat 0.15% - 0.25% I think the exchanges deserve this cut for the service they provide - what am i going to do, trade coins down the pub?

Slippage, ha! I’m not moving that large of an amount for it to be a problem. Looking at a typical order book, plenty of bitcoins for your small time investor to get most of the price they want.

I guess split your bitcoin stash, trade it for maids regularly when the market volume is in your favour showing at the price your willing to trade.

I bought in large at 0.00018ish, anything below that feels like a bargain. Will buy hand over fist with any spare fiat funds I can afford to lose.

Do leave a bit on the exchange to trade massive flash crashes if in time to spot them.


I too am completely invested in MAID Plus it’s app projects PDC, SAFE-FS.

I don’t see any other way of a better return on investment - long term. This project has me very exited. Can’t wait to finally see the ETH and BTC fanboys flocking. It will happen.



Sorry, I lost my composure there for a second. It’s too exciting if I think about it too much…


I bought quite a bit of MAID as well during the recent dip. With all the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming BTC fork, I figure that holding more MAID is the way to go. Plus, it seems as if more interest in Maidsafe is being generated as of late.