Why doesn't IBM learn Watson how to code?

I’ve seen Watson do Jeopardy, Medicine and even spit out recipes. So I wonder, why doesn’t IBM learn Watson how to code? I would have thought, that it would be the first thing that you would learn Watson. That way Watson could code Watson, to be a more efficient Watson and take Watson’s coders job. (I guess that’s the reason why).

If Watson drained all Github repo’s + online tuts, I betcha it would be able to spew out websites/apps on demand. I realize that it’s not really original to copy a Facebook, but what if you could and you could add additional features? Right now, I don’t really have the time to code or learn how to code. So I’m hoping that someone at IBM is reading this. Especially when you think that something like The Grid is coming out (AI WEBSITES THAT DESIGN THEMSELVES).

Imagine if you could go through a website/app with Watson and let it recreate that exact website/app functions and even find you the cheapest host and update this accordingly. I know that something like the SAFE network has never existed before, but what if you could let something like Watson tap into attacker mode and attack the network, while trying to figure out/code how to eliminate those attack vectors.

There was a post on this site somewhere where one could tell a system what one wanted in a website and it would “create” something down to the code level of customization, taking the pain out of website design. But self coders would seem to be a creative leap that would really convince people about at least intelligent zombies. Its a ways beyond the Turning test. Seems like humor from a machine that seemed creatively genuine would also be moving in that direction of self coding. We don’t need conscious machines to seriously disrupt the job market, a much lower level of functioning would do it just fine.

Maybe you mean this post:

Is automation not the way of the future? I got to admit, that I bring something like this up, purely because I’m to lazy to code and with the application we got now, it would be possible to take coding away, to a certain extent.

What if you went to a Github repo and you could just ask Watson to fork it. After that it would just auto install all the necessary environment & libraries for you. Chancing something would only be a click away. This seems superficial, but what if it could do more, for instance if it installed a Wordpress site and there was a problem with one of the extension and it could auto-update the security.

In the [Ethereum Mist demo][1], installing a app was just a click away. Well before that app somebody had to code it. What if even that became unnecessary?

[I just had a conversation with a Salesperson of IBM][2]:

Peter: hello
U: Hello Peter
Peter: can i help you? / kan ik u helpen ?
U: Yes why doesn’t IBM learn Watson how to code?
Peter: can i first ask your name and company please ?
U: My name and company, wow Peter you amaze me. I ask the most important question your company should be asking and you ask my name and company?
U: why doesn’t IBM learn Watson how to code?
Peter: are you sure that IBM doesn’t learn Watson how to code ?
U: I’m not sure Peter, because IBM got a lot of smart people. But there is not something out there that I can use at the moment to let Watson help me make a website like Facebook for instance or Twitter
U: Or is it out there but I just don’t know about it
Peter: do you know all the products and services from IBM worldwide ?
U: No I don’t because I want a specific product. A Watson that I can tell to create a website/app and add features or remove certain aspects
U: For instance is there a Watson that can take a github repo and install the necesssary libraries and the app that it forked?
Peter: i have no information about a program like that
Peter: brings me back to my first question ;
Peter: can i ask your name and company name please ?
U: Peter there is a company out there called The Grid, they got an AI they say that can create websites. I would expect IBM to launch a Watson that can copy an existing website/app and make it possible for you to add additional features, as response to this new development. Check out thegrid.io
Peter: i’ll take a look later
Peter: got to go now ,
Peter: meeting
U: Thanks Peter, keep up the good work

Today was just a wrong day to ask a question like this. I’m a complete idiot because a sales person doesn’t know a lot/nything about what they learn Watson… :frowning:
[1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgNjs_WaFSc
[2]: http://www.ibm.com/smarterplanet/us/en/ibmwatson/

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A long time ago I had a conversation with an IBMer on their version of the clock. He sounded like Frank Sintra but was more compassionate than Peter. I think Watson kind of scares the IBMers as it should.

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If your lazy like me and just want to quickly design websites, here is another one for ya: Pagecloud

I hope that the SAFE Network app forking will be breezy like this mist example:

I think Watson does code in a way and that is what makes it so scary. When it models the world to explore it and find answers for us its kind of coding itself as it goes along building that map.