Why do you go to meetups?

I’m preparing to revive the SAFE meetup for the San Francisco Bay Area.

I need help gaining insight as to how to create an engaging meetup.

I aim to tap into the reasons people attend meetups, identify what the marketing team wants to disseminate as a basis (@nicklambert ), and get help to refine my ideas.

I’ll mix all that together to identify goals that I want the meetup to accomplish.

Do people attend meetups for community and socialization?
For food?
To learn?
For inspiration?
To relax after work?

I’ve identified that I don’t enjoy meetups that are solely lectures and/or slide presentations.

I do enjoy meetups where I get to be on my computer, playing with the subject at hand.

One idea is to get a hold of many devices like tessel, rasberry pi, or odroid for attendees to play with, building a simple app that interacts with the SAFE network. I think a weather station or a baby cam would be fun projects.

The baby cam project would highlight the safety of precious data through our network as opposed to current vulnerable technology.


From our experience, a few people come for the food… a few come because they have an idea and are looking for connections. Some other folk come as a regular outing to be social and talk about the technology in the space. Others want to make sure they are not out of the local loop. Some may have specific questions about technology that is easier explained in person.

Hope that covers a few eventualities…


Another question:
How turned off or willing would you be to pay $1 to $2 dollars to attend a meetup in order to help cover space rental fees and food?


Once Alpha2 hits and there is a network again I was going to start a Seattle SAFE meetup. There are a lot of meetups these days - a bit of meetup fatigue I think.

I am probably going to ease into it by just doing some “Coffee and Code” meets at one of the coffee shops that has a meetup room before I try something more formal. Once I can get a group of regulars showing up, I will consider a more formal setting.


Normally, I would suggest finding a sponsor to cover food costs, etc, but with no commercial eco-system around SAFE yet it makes it a bit harder. Maybe a co-working space, or training company?


I go because we need to promote SAFE because someone has to!

Great on you for working on this area man, SF really needs a meetup for SAFE!!! They have a huge crypto scene (around 3,000 people I think?) so there’s crazy demand and possibility for you to get as large as you would want to. Sky’s the limit, go for it! I’ll attend and help when I can!

that would be huge, and is exactly what I’m planning here in JAX. People would love that too. safe-js is the best current option. And you are one of the few people I know of who knows mock-routing (please help me get that working!!) so making SAFE apps is available to you and your group even today, if you had a meetup.

So there’s literally nothing stopping you, please go for it! We will all help however we can, I’m sure MaidSafe as well. There was also that guy from the video chat the other week in Oakland willing to help with it. Did he contact you yet?

I’m sure once you start, if done right it will blow up right away with all sorts of new connections being made. Go for it!


OK this would be my plan:

  1. Figure out your budget. Get donations, a sponsor, whatever.
  2. Contact the people that do the SF bitcoin meetup. I can put you in touch with them if you don’t know them. Get all the advice you can from them. You may also want to do a joint BTC/MAID meet up.
  3. Make sure you have plenty of alcohol and food. For food pizza is usually the best value.
  4. Personally I like to have a lot of unstructured free time and not a lot of stuffy presentations. Not everyone will agree.

PM me if you have questions.


I’ve only been to the one meetup in Amsterdam. What you describe seems to be spot on. Some people just thought it would be interesting. Others had looked into the SAFE network and had loads of questions, including the “wouldn’t it be used for illegal stuff and wouldn’t that get me in to trouble for hosting it on my computer” questions. Then there’s the odd person just wanting to socialize. This meeting was mostly presentations. I can imagine some would have liked to see more of a working network or perhaps play around with it a little bit.

I guess the first meetup(s) you organize will be about introducing people to SAFE, but it makes sense that later on they will be more interactive.

As for financial support for getting some food or a space to hold the meeting maybe MaidSafe could make a minor contribution? Not sure if they have resources for this, but I suppose it’s in the companies interest to hold meetups in (mayor) cities / tech hubs. Or am I just talking crazy here @nicklambert? Maybe send over some t-shirts and stickers? :slight_smile:


A friend of mine told me about https://www.meetup.com who seem to have regulat meets about all sorts of stuff, all over the world. It may be worth touching base you your local group and they may help and send emails out for you etc.


As we’ve discussed @hunterlester happy to look at how we can best support.

I think also considering who you are targeting with the meetups is an important decision. In the past they have been relatively general, but other meetups recently., such as Melbourne, and some of the events that Ben ran were more developer focussed. With progress being made on the new APIs this maybe something to consider. I thing timing is also important, and I would hope that in the coming weeks app devs will have plenty to play with and it would be great to receive additional feedback on the early APIs and docs in an environment like that, while also keeping the event as interactive as possible.


Not the best meetup to ask as we have always been fully self sponsored but we have done raffles and giveaways for things in the passed. This can easily be done in a way to make a method to keep the event running. Give always of goods benefits everyone and if you ticket it, this can support the running costs.


I’d say there can be different reasons depending on the topic of a meetup. For the SAFE Network (for me) it would be finding people with shared vision. No one in my current circles gets it, regardless of how I present it.

Maybe see if ThoughtWorks in SF would be willing to host. I’ve attended a couple Hack4Democracy events they hosted a few years ago. Their values seem to align with MaidSafe… https://www.thoughtworks.com/about-us

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