Why do certain corporations have to be paid off in the US to elect someone?

In the US, certain corporations, media corporations have to be paid off in order for someone to be elected. This means people are not elected but selected by money interests. Soon there will be a exact correspondance between the group with the most money and their puppets winning all elections. This is called sponsored media.

Yale University recently did a study that concluded the US was not a democracy but was a oligarchy. Really its a plutocratic oligarchy, but its on the book laws don’t support this yet. But the money interest are trying to use nonsense efficiency claims to eliminate the remaining democratic laws.

With a plutocracy its only a few generations until almost everyone is born into completely involuntary lives. To exercise volition or any free will leads to death. Rule by money means effective death through birth into an enforced vegetative state at birth. It means new babies will be DOA, defacto aborted at birth.