Why can't I level up?


To avoid confusion, a user’s profile should be identical to the trust level name, or vice versa. Along the same lines the reading time requirements should be changed to minutes in the profile. This is all very confusing right now, unnecessarily so.


Interesting, I guess I need to increase my level so I can try out the network as well.


I agree, and wish there was a way to do that. But you need to take that up with the people developing the discourse forum software unfortunately, because we cannot change that.


Could someone with pull relay the request to the developers of Discourse?


Nice to see new people joining. Welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

How did you find out about this project?


Good Luck


Brilli :ant:

This needs to be the themesong for newb


Although making and posting such a video would be greatly appreciated, it is no condition to level up :wink:


That’s a beautiful video @Audity, thank you very much for posting. I had tears from the moment she raised her arm to mirror his, and then it got better and better. And very appropriate. :slight_smile:

Also reminds me how much I love dancing, which I realise I want to pick up again.


Don’t often see one of those that means something these days, that said a lot and should touch everyone who watches it, hopefully for a long time.


Been here for years but not credited as I was reading all posts from mobile. :frowning:


I try to level up for more than 4 months, i know all this forum, every single one post. Why I cannot level up?


Its most likely this


I’m pretty sure I’m level 1, but keep getting this message:

Only users with trust level 1 or above can get an invite


Keep on reading for 15 minutes:

From Trust Level 1 (Basic User) Requirements :

Note: The read time you see in your profile is an approximation. For example, you might think you’ve reached a read time of 1 hour, but in reality, your read time might be more than 45 minutes, but less than 1 hour.

A way to access your profile is by clicking on your icon to the left:


Then click again:


And now you see the ‘1h read time’

Maybe these screenshots can be added in the instructions for extra clarity, or is this overkill?


Thanks, I figure it must be the rounding up to the hour that is the issue. does the reading time round to the nearest hour…

e.g. If I read for 1h20, it will show 1h, if I read for 1h35, 2 will be shown?


greater than 45 minutes becomes 1 hour in the profile, that is certain. I guess that 1u35 becomes 2, but because the 2 hours doesn’t activate a next level or so as far as I know, nobody pays attention to that.


I levelled up! yay… thanks


I meant to post this in the thread that whiteoutmashups created here :laughing:.


Found MaidSafeCoin on Eobot, started reading about it and got excited…so here I am.