Why can't a rough date of the release of Alpha 2 be given out? I'm just trying to understand

Hi guys, I’m just trying to understand, what is the reason that a rough date of alpha 2 release is uncertain? that the team can’t estimate a rough date? Is it because there don’t know how fast they can code? Or is it because they might not want to tell the public even if they know? I’m just trying to understand, I believe in the team so any reason is ok, but I do want a reason if possible.

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You’re new to the forums. Welcome.

As I stated in the past, Maidsafe operate on valve time. They will decide when it’s done.

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If you are doing a load of things that have never been done before then how do you guesstimate how long they will take? And is there much value in the guess if it is likely to be wrong because no one knows what the challenges could be with the innovations that are being implemented?

We all have a rough idea and could make our own guesses within the community, based on what we know and how optimistic we are. There’s no point in maidsafe guessing officially though, there’s no win in that for them.


Thanks for the fast reply, may i ask what exactly is meant by value time?

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I see, i understand now, thanks

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It’s because they are working on something that’s never been done before. As with any expedition into the unknown, it’s very hard to predict the exact outcome or how long things will take. Almost all software projects, even those that are built on established codes and methods, come in late, let alone something that’s very new. I think they’ve also been burned by making hopeful public predictions in the past that didn’t work out. Frustrating as it might be for all of us, it’s better that false promises aren’t made. I’m pretty sure the devs aren’t just kicking back and that patience will be rewarded soon enough.


You know the company, Valve?

Well they delayed their product because they uphold their word, it is done when it is done. They believe that the product that is fully functional will give greater returns than “EA; pumping CoD every year” product.



Thanks! I actually am not too frustrated waiting, i don’t mind, i think the team is definately making progress everyday, I am asking only because I have not been ever explained why and thought it’ll be good for me to know so I would also know what to tell people when i explain this technology to them, I don’t want to tell them there’s no reason the team isn’t giving a definite time :slight_smile: I’m in China right now so I’ll be explaining this to the people here whom should definately see the use and potential for this technology :slight_smile:


Well I am a noob too. Based on the threads I am following on this forum for last couple of months, I think the total project would take another 2 years. Testing 17 is immanent, I am estimating they would do another 3 testing before Alpha 2, then 5-8 testing before Beta and another 10-15 changes before release. Each testing approximately 1 month. Completely my speculation.

IMO when we get to beta we’re basically live. Unless something goes horribly wrong with data chains all data will be retained from the beta network. Very sensitive information and interactions will have to wait until after the security audit but there will be a ton of apps showcasing the capability and advantages of a efficient secure decentralised network.

Many of the greatest minds will be COMPELLED to watch and nurture the birth of the new internet. Some heads will literally explode ( aneurysms) :scream:

Expect development to speed up significantly after beta launches. This of course relies on great documentation. Big minds need clear data to hit the ground running.

@neo would be the best person for this as he has great high and low level knowledge of the inner working of the system. It would be his greatest contribution yet and will no doubt mean things move at an accelerated development pace when all the engineers, scientists, and researchers jump on the train. :v:


Completely agree. Well as I stated its just my speculation. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to rush them but I think there is a chance human survival in the short term depends on their work. SAFE = Peace

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No pressure then …


Lol… :smile:


I think they are really close to releasing alpha 2. Eagerly waiting for it :slight_smile:


What makes you think so?

Great response.

And I think Maidsafe’s roadmap is very healthy. It shows you where we are at and where we are going. https://maidsafe.net/roadmap_dev.html


So you can load up on coins while they are cheap. :wink:

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