Why buy maidsafe coins instead of just waiting for safecoins to be released?

I was wondering what is the advantage of owning madesafe coins, if they are not going to be the coins used on the safe network? madesafe coins are going to be exchanged 1:1 for safecoins, it’s not like maidsafe coins are a claim to more safecoins, so what’s the point? why not just wait till safecoins are released and buy them on an exchange? And isn’t it possible that when the exchange happens safecoins may actually be worth less than the maidsafe coins?


One word - COST

It is expected that as we approach release the price of MAID will be increasing. So its a case of getting MAID now at a lower price so when release occurs and I want to upload heaps I don’t have to buy SAFEcoin at a higher price.

Then secondly any spare SAFEcoin I end up with I can sell to others who want them. Mind you that would be at a higher price than I paid for them.

Anything is possible. So yes it is speculation to buy now, but history is on our side because over the last 2 years the price has been rising (with its large ups and downs)


Cost - yup…

And related to this, almost free SAFE network usage. I want to buy as many cheap coins as I can so that when the network goes live, I’ll have unlimited access to services. You’ll need to spend coins to store things on the network.

Buy coins now, cheap services later.


makes sense, I never thought about price. Thanks for the reply guys