Why aren't we using the phase 1 shared vault already for chat/email/forums/games?

There’s already one shared vault so…
why isn’t anyone using it for email, chat and other stuff already?

  • I didn’t know you could.
  • I don’t know how.
  • I have no one to chat, email, play games with.
  • I’m waiting for the beta version of the safe network.
  • I’m waiting for apps to come to existence/become better and reply which one should.
  • I’m in it for the cryptomoney, not the use.
  • I just don’t find interactive apps interesting enough.
  • I’m using it. Don’t tell my government.
  • I’m a clown and like taking the odd option.

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  • because these apps don’t exist for the new APIs yet!

This is why I picked "I didnt know you could.” Are there chat or mail apps for the new browser already, @folaht? @happybeing probably knows how usable the current (very experimental) APIs are.

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